Building a Content Marketing Function from the inside-out…

Mark is the Content Marketing Director for Barclays UK.  His team’s remit covers everything from: Content Strategy & Planning, right the way through to Content Creation & Content Marketing Execution.  Over recent months Mark has driven whole-scale transformational change within Barclays with the core aims of creating beautifully effective content and becoming the true custodians of Barclays UK Content & Communications with our Colleagues, our Customers and our Clients.  

Using his recent experiences, Mark will share some of his insights on how to create a Content Marketing Team for today’s hyper-connected world.  In this he will cover:  

  • People & Talent Transformation –sharing team structural challenges; talent identification and the active development of ‘content marketers of the future’.
  • Technical Transformation – sharing practical examples of how Barclays are reinvigorating their capabilities and trail-blazing new channels to better engage with Colleagues, Customers & Clients.
  • Creative Transformation – discussing the challenges involved in creating great content output
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