An online presence is nothing without compelling content (strategy and integration)

Has content really always been king? Stefano Maruzzi talks about what this concept means in a digitally connected world, emphasizing that content – in its many forms – has truly become a king in our communications and conversations, through digital technologies and channels.

Maruzzi goes further to talk about the role an online presence plays, primarily a website, in anchoring content online. Maruzzi takes the audience through the “musts” for a reputation enhancing and trust building website, starting with a meaningful domain name and ending with a catchy call-to-action to drive engagement.

Maruzzi additionally challenges the way we think about content, arguing that each piece of content we produce to support our digital presence should have a multi-purpose use. Thus, allowing us to strengthen our audience reach and build a cross-channel strategy that drives customers back to our website, but maximizes resource investment in the meantime.

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