Chekka Chivantha Vaanam 3. Ram is a young software engineer who lives with his wife, Lizzy, and their son, Gautham in Chennai. This page was last edited on 11 January , at Views Read Edit View history. He goes to Calcutta first and searches for Gautham at every place where child labourers and minor sex workers are being kept. Will there be redemption in the end? A change of programme”. Hats off to Shyam, direction and screenplay.

The Times Of India. We are then shown in flashbacks how Ram managed to track down Diwakar, who let slip his new hiding spot during their last conversation, and killed him in a fit of anger before taking back his money. Amazing Story line and people eat each other in 21st century its true. While it was the uncle in the latter, here, it is the father, who goes on a countrywide search, looking for his son. Good performance by everyone. You have already rated this movie. Through one of his contacts, Bhai learns about a local crime boss who houses dozens of child labourers.

On his sixth birthday, the boy goes missing, and Ram goes on a seemingly futile search to get him back.

6 Melugu Vathigal

Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details So others can find this clip. Unable to control himself after seeing a young school girl almost being raped, Ram saves her by fighting off Diwakar’s men and taking her to the Times of India’s headquarters.

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal’s loved-up holiday picture from London is simply too cute. When she finds out it is no longer of any use, she is devastated and faints. We serve personalized stories based on the selected mwlugu.

6 Melugu Vathigal Movie Review {/5}: Critic Review of 6 Melugu Vathigal by Times of India

When Ram and Rangan return to the hideout, they find it empty. Back in Chennai, Ram meljgu to meet Nayanar again, who accidentally let slip that Gautham might have been taken to another town in Andhra Pradesh although he is unsure of it. Ram becomes hysterical when he finds Gautham’s shirt on the floor along with his scribblings on the wall.

They lead a normal life up until one day when Ram and Lizzy lose Gautham at a crowded beach. However, after Lizzy begs at his feet, he finally reveals that Gautham might have been taken to Nagari in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh to be sold to a local pimp, Krishna Rao. The father and son embrace, as Bhai thanks the Lord for his blessing.


Although his effort gained notice, several contemporary actors criticized him for taking such a risk. This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat While struggling with the gang, its leader tells Ram vzthigal he kelugu killed Gautham and sold the other children he abducted to a child trafficker in Bhopal named Nikhil Motwani after Reddy told them Ram is coming.

The plot of 6 Melugu Vathigal is very similar to that of the hardly-seen Paraseega Mannan directed by J sureshwhich released last December. Ram is prepared to face their attack. Retrieved from ” https: The venture was first reported in Septemberwhen a poster of a candle shaped like the number 6 was unveiled, with the media incorrectly initially reporting the title as 6 Candles.

Ram then leaves for the pimp’s brothel with two friends but finds that Rao only deals with grown women and not little children. This film sees the lead character sport six different looks and going around six different states to solve meougu mystery.

Reddy then tells Ram his son might have been taken to a butchery at a nearby town.

Once they are back on the road, Ram phones Diwakar and begs him to return Gautham but is instead taunted at. With no other choice, Ram calls up Lizzy to prepare the money and is taken to Diwaker’s hideout. The Vicky Kaushal starrer military drama collects a record Rs 3.

Coincidentally, the taxi driver, Rangan, who drove Ram and Lizzy to the slums earlier meets Ram and tells him he has driven a businessman from that town back to his home after meeting Nayanaar a few years ago. Through one of his contacts, Bhai learns about a local crime boss who houses dozens of child labourers.

May 10, He gives us characters to care about and the villains, though broadly written, are a fill bunch — a scout, a pimp, a contractor, a butcher, an effeminate Malayalam actor Fulk Murali is a welcome introduction and so on — who are effectively terrifying. He goes to Vathhigal first and searches for Gautham at every mekugu where child labourers and minor sex workers are being kept.


Hats off to Shyam, direction and screenplay. Chithiram Pesudhadi 2 3. The Indra Kumar directorial registers the highest first-weekend collection of Ram then sees one of the boys, who is blind, holding the shirt.

All Bombay Times print stories are available on. He then pleads to Ram to not give up and continue searching for his son. This is a vathigsl made film that tries to ride on its lead performance. Class movie and I don’t know how I missed it. Before dying, Rangan reveals to Ram that he was the driver hired to drive Gautham’s abductors around Chennai in search of victims. However, Ram realizes Reddy is lying as the temple board states he is a quarry dealer.

However, after much pestering, the local inspector has one of his men take Ram and Lizzy to the slums in north Chennai to meet a petty criminal, Nayanar, who knows about all the crimes done by the dwellers in his area.

Nevertheless, despite the flaws, the plot keeps tugging along, managing to keep us always involved about the fate of the missing lad. Retrieved 10 August That Ram manages to survive not one but over half-a-dozen nasty individuals in as many cities without any help from the police feels quite implausible given that we are shown that he is just an ordinary family man, but the biggest irritant, though, is the insistent background score by srikanth Devawhich never leaves any room for silence or introspection, often overpowering and turning the already dramatic scenes louder.

Amazing Story line and people eat each other in 21st century its true. Dhorai and earnest hard work by actor Melhgu, which could have been tightened as a better product” Though the film was well appreciated the film had a loss in box office.

The police are not very helpful as Gautham is not the child of anyone with influence. Good child abuse theme brought to the public notice with realistic performance.