Mainly subs, as preferred by any true anime fan. I watched soo many episodes there and I didnt have to pay or download them. Would very much appreciate it. I need some help! If your need is series-specific, it gets easier to find, because rabid fans tend to keep those updated like a MOFO. They also have a massive manga library. It downloads on the spot so you have to do much. And I tried guba.

So Flood post anything anime related in this thread. I would post it to u myself but 1. I am going to start shairing eps threw aol im, if someone wants some, send me an e-mail at: So, any one know of any dubbed anime sites, and I can check them out as well. Some anime sites where you can download lots of series are: The site is http: You can go to http:

My names Jaby and im going balistic looking for a site for anime episodes.

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The movies tend to have 118 higher production value, almost comparable to hollywood animerattio, and as such the plot and animation is amazing. Just as long as I can download it and its free. You aren’t able to watch Bleach episodes English dubbed anywhere yet considering not all episodes have to translated to English. I have been looking but only can find up to 48 any help…. I bet there you find a nice Site.

Make sure to dl BitTornado to allow you more options than the normal BitTorrent client.

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Does anyone know where I can find episodes of Gad Guard on the net? It downloads on the spot so you have to do much. Anyone knows where can I download Full Metal Alchemist? Animepalm has alot of Anime on it. Sub Trick 3 Full Episode. Meghan, r u here? I have been lookin for episode downloads for trigun for well over a few months now and if you know any where i can download them that would be very cool.



I dun like subtitles very much T. Hey does n e 1 know a direct gdar site for english dubbed Inuyasha episodes or movies or both.

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Copy the url, past it in the URL box. Try going to http: I have seen episode 1 already. Bonjour, There is a site called http: Someone, please e-mail me, or post to this answer thing, and help a young blind person out. Animecrave used to be the best site ever untill they started being bums and charging us 5 bucks a month US currency.

I just want to keep abreast of the anime scene. Season 5 was never made into english. The best place for Anime Video Game reviews. Thanks in advance Kuri-chan xxx. I watched soo many episodes there and I didnt have to pay or download them.

I go to http: I need some help finding fruit basket trackers cuz I need the volume 19 and 20 or at least some chapters of volume 19 so pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me!!!! If any one is looking for trigun eps in english download the p2p network bearshare they have all the eps except 22 they are in realplayer format which i think is. If u do is there anyway u can bypass the monthly payments???

If anyone can help it would be really appreciated. Full Metal Panic complete! I have some subbed and dubbed eps that If someone knows of a server that geear host the downloads megaupload wont work for me, then I will. Epiaode it an “un”official label, and simply requesting that you would prefer something to animefatio posted in this thread as to not clutter the front page, instead of telling someone to post in here, eliminates most previous concerns.


Naruto full quality. Create Account Return to Login. Hey does n e 1 know n e good sites to download the english version of the inuyasha movies? I am setting up an ftp server on my home comp. Good search engine for anime http: I think Mystic-Chambers is the Best! I know someone already asked this so ill just repost the same question: S i am dying to see these episodes!!!!

Hi, can somebody please tell me if there is anywhere on the web where you can find one piece tear in rmvb format? I need link for direct epixode for inuyasha episodes enlish dubbed or japanese with subs is fine but No torrents please. Does any1 know where to get Dn Angel in english plz direct download. Swords of an Honourable Ruler Inuyasha the Movie 4: Bleach is always the best. Can anyone tell me where i can find Naruto downloads in english.

The page at the top said Parent Directory, and then it had a list of Inu episodes with. I am looking for an anime called colorful.

I was gonna help you, but now I think different. Seriously I need English Shaman King. The sites provides direct download of popular series and updated daily Have a look at http: Like now they are really being punks and charging us to pay 5 bucks US to login and watch movies episodes just for that…before they didnt….

Usually the videos for older shows will have a link to watch it full.