The Wire, season 1, episode 1: It’s about money,” D insists, one of several series-defining statements in this episode. Bunny has a few months to go before he retires, which has left him feeling both invulnerable to fallout and in desperate need of something that will make him feel like his career meant something. Grey’s Anatomy, “Piece of My Heart”: As the title of “The Detail” suggests, this episode’s largely about the forming of a team, the detail tasked with putting a charge on Avon Barksdale as quickly and quietly as possible. But then, as anyone who watches the show for even a handful of additional episodes can tell you, “The Wire” is much, much more than a cop show. Pretty scary, eh, kids?:

You might have this fantasy of being a hero, the smartest guy in the room, but the reality of taking down the bad guy is never as exciting as you imagined it would be. Grey’s Anatomy, “Piece of My Heart”: I watched the pilot twice so that I could get a handle on the details and characters before moving on. Moore Battlestar Galactica finale Ronald D. Early in the episode, we’re introduced to Prez’s odious father-in-law, Southeastern District commander Stan Valchek wonderfully played by Al Brown. Here, I especially enjoy their debate about whether piss can flow downhill. It said a lot about who he is, as well.

Kima just sepinwaol to make sure she got her licks in on a punk who’d hit a cop useless though Mahone may beand the ferocity and joy Kima takes in the moment isn’t the sort of thing you would ever expect to see from a “good” cop on a different show.

‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 2 – ‘All Due Respect’ (Newbies edition)

Newnies still nebwies clear on every character’s name, but I don’t find myself struggling to spinwall which “side” they all belong to in the very loose dialectic this season seems to be setting up.

Oscars checklist, take 3: Just wanted to make a quick post thanking you for your reviews of “The Wire” 1st season’s episodes, “newbie version. Everything is a situation: I suppose I should make some mention of the show’s main title sequence.

My Boys, “Dinner Party”: In the meeting with command about the Gant case, he’s the only one who seems at all interested in exploring the possibility that Gant was killed for testifying at D’Angelo’s trial, and he definitely has the respect of Kima, Herc and Carver. What’s wrong with ‘American Idol’ Wee-Bey the muscular guy with the beard and close-cropped hairStinkum the bald guy who vaguely resembles Stephon Marbury and Little Man the ironically-nicknamed heavyset guy. In the case of Detective Jimmy McNulty investigating the murder of one Omar Isiah Betts, known to friends and family as Snot Boogie, Simon gets to explain what the entire series will be about.

Daniels is a company man, no doubt about it, but his loyalty to the organization in general and Deputy Ops Burrell newbied particular isn’t blind.

In Plain Sight, “Trojan Horst”: Though D’Angelo last week talked about getting an newbis to live with his son and baby mama Donette, it would appear that’s more about being there for his kid than any major loyalty to Donette, seeing that he decides to spend the bonus from Stringer on buying a “drink” from Shardene the near-sighted stripper.


Season 8 News — Newbues rumors Another note – you may get to this later, I’m not sure – but in this 2nd ep we see several characters at home McNulty, Sezsonincluding Kimma and her lover. If the song doesn’t originate from the sound system at a club, or somebody’s car stereo as in this episode’s use of “American Woman” during the terrible trio’s middle of the night arrival at the high-risesit can’t be used.

There’s still plenty of people to meet and things to learn about them, but many balls are now rolling.

His three cops have just done something completely FUBAR, and something that has terrible racial overtones, even with Carver present — note how he refers to the high-rise residents to Daniels — but what can Daniels do? It has hurt my opinion about myself, though. I really felt like I was thrown into a chaotic mess when I watched the first episode. I own the first season of “The Wire” and have watched the first three or four episodes. Bodie is positive that he has the ability to advance in The Game, to get all the way to the other side of the board and win, no matter how many times D tries to tell him that he’ll likely always be a pawn.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, season 1, episode 1: “The Target” (Newbies edition)

Thanks for the interesting projects to help keep us engaged during this dreary months when the best thing on TV is “Big Brother I hope my comments didn’t come across as saying that I need a big finish or for the good guys to win or anything, because that’s definitely not what I meant.

And we get Bodie mocking Poot for making the same tne over and over no matter how often he gets burned. Theresa – It’s probably best to avoid the commentary tracks altogether until you’ve watched all the seasons as there are spoilers littered liberally throughout, some middling and some major. I’ve watched all but the last episode of the first season now, and honestly, I don’t quite get what all the fuss is about.

Season 5 Preview A Lost: May I suggest some yoga? Where D is shocked by the idea that the “new package” will be the same as the current, stepped-on, impotent brand of dope they’re slinging down at The Pit, String understands the power of rebranding, particularly to an ignorant, desperate client base sason dope fiends. Doctor Who, “The Unicorn and the Wasp”: And personally, I’m insulted when people think I need to be pandered, think I’m just a dumb lazy viewer.

The WireThe Wire season 1 Newbies.

Soap on a frozen You’ll note that the thing that angers Rawls most is the fact that Jimmy dragged in the Gerard Bogue case, which happened in the previous year and therefore has no bearing on this year’s stats.

Much as I loved “Homicide” in its early years, the difference between the cackling two-dimensional Luther and this show’s depiction of Avon illustrates just how far “Homicide” eventually fell, and how “The Wire” rose far above its most obvious TV inspiration. If you are, in fact, watching the series for the first time — or even for the first time in a long time — I’d strongly suggest watching at least that many in a concentrated burst before attempting to move to a weekly schedule, even though that’s the rate at which I’ll be doing these reviews.


Every two seconds, I’m asking myself “What did he say?

We also have Polk and Mahone, the two wheezing old drunks, about whom Daniels was likely not exaggerating when he said they hadn’t made a case in 10 years. We’re going to talk about season one of “The Wire” in two different versions: It is an interconnected network of ossified institutions, all of them so committed to perpetuating their own business-as-usual approach, that they keep letting their own equivalents of Snot Boogie into the game, simply because that’s how it’s always been done.

He’s just a guardian of the system. On the other hand, the drug players bring much of the police attention on themselves by beating, stabbing or outright killing folks in a way that the cops just can’t ignore.

Doctor Who, “The Sontaran Stratagem”: Not sure I’d have caught that; I love knowing that detail. Interview with Ron Moore Battlestar Galactica: You might have this fantasy of being a hero, the smartest guy in the room, but the reality of taking down the bad guy is never as exciting as you imagined it would be. They accuse Simon of being angry, but he’s got nothing over you. However having watched the pilot, I’m already hooked A Year on the Killing Streets.

Although everyone kept saying how great this show was, I never got around to starting the first season. Thank you for this, an excellent ‘pilot’ article for an excellent television series. Another questionable early element: Moore Battlestar Galactica finale Ronald D. Meanwhile, when Rawls chews out McNulty, he complains that Jimmy is talking to Phelan about “some project nigger,” which is phrasing that’s too loaded for our introduction to a character who’s supposed to be more nuanced and smarter than that.

It is the quest, or the idea of it, which motivates the three to go to the high-rises, while it is McNulty’s own personal bullishness about his own ideas and his own abilities not all unwarranted that places him in opposition to Daniels; he, meanwhile, is a reluctant partner in this quest, becoming more and more nervous as the wheels start turning.