Leave this field blank. The traditional solution for the buffer under run problem was: Still as root, try this:. The drive was a February model with firmware revision v9. Back to the howto title page Back to howto-pages. If not, read ” Linux kernel configuration “. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

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Many of these onboard USB converters need some kind of firmware uploaded to them before they even know what they are since they are generic pieces of equipment designed to do all kinds of things. The drive was 1x8x32 February model with firmware revision v9. Acer modified the specifications in co-operation with Phillips and for now is the only manufacturer to use this technology.

Acer CRW1208A CD-RW

Otherwise, if all went well, then move straight on to ” Locating your re writer “. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones.

Acer has a long tradition in making Ata;i drives. If not, read ” Linux kernel configuration “. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. Acer seems not planning to licence this technology in the near future to other manufacturers.

There are three prerequisites for this kind of device to work. About Privacy Contact Us.


First of all you must realise that you might never be able to get your CD writer to work in Linux. Back to the howto title page Back to howto-pages.


Anyway, back to CD writers Still as root, try this:. What code is in the image? Just decide what the drive should be, master or slave, set the appropriate jumper and start! The working principle of Seamless Link was list as following: If it’s an IDE device you have and if you’re using version 2. Because “SeamLess Link” doesn’t need any extra IC to support the Buffer-Under-run proof function, it also don’t need to do any setting on writing software to enable this function.

However, if USB support is active and if the preliminary USB device filesystem is mounted, your system startup scripts should detect any attached USB devices belonging to the “storage” class and modprobe usb-storage automagically if need be. We are not informed about Philips future plans.

All I can provide here are guidelines which, if followed, should get your thing up and running, but I can’t guarantee that they will. USB support must be provided for in the kernel.

Ghost 2002 and 7.5 compatibility with CD-R and CD-RW drives

The critical issue was how close the gap between the stop and restart point could be controlled to let the recorded data satisfy the standard and dd read back without any problem. Parallel port devices are becoming rarer by the day in favour of USB that’s a diplomatic way of saying that I don’t know how to set one of those up Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. But the Seamless Link technology is a new function, which is developed to prevent the Buffer Under Run problem automatically by predicting them before they happen.


Till this moment there is no clear information about the gap length of “SeamLess Link” technology.

Ghost and compatibility with CD-R and CD-RW drives

Acer Unveils Self-driving Concept Car. Enlarge the buffer size to accumulate more data to prevent the error happened. If the kernel doesn’t complain about the module not being found, then you should be able to try “cdrecord -scanbus” again and see what gives.

Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: This means using a 2. New Acer Chromebooks Coming on Wednesday.