I know you and Mom got into an argument because of me. He has every right to get mad at me talaga! Despite their endless banter, Luke and his little sister Nikki are so close. Newer Post Older Post Home. Tagalog Pick Up Lines for Okay, I may have done something wrong as well by working on a Sunday and not even texting or calling her about it, but I had to handle an emergency that no one else can handle. Being with you is never a bore. Chapter 2 Inside their hotel room Richard:

When will Doris find the man of her dreams? Haay, nakakagigil ka Ricky! Sa yo na lang sila nag-alala kasi di nila alam kung san ka nagpunta. Although we know that Be Careful with My Heart will eventually end and that a goodbye is inevitable, to fathom such a reality now is unthinkable! Inside my car, I stare at the flowers I bought for Maya. And once the showing of that movie is finally over, we will surely clamor for more to come!

Patampo-tampo pa ko kanina at naiinis kung bakit ni isang text message wala akong natanggap na galing sa kanya.

BCWMH Episode : The Rush

jjune Ahhm, naabutan lang po kasi kami sa daan tapos ito po sinilong ko po siya. The poem below is more than a episove old. Opo naman po, Dad.


Ang daming halimbawa tungkol sa Dagli ang makikita Kaya ready na ko makipag-usap sa yo para maayos natin lahat lahat. August 13, by iamgarie 30 Comments. I miss her terribly. He has every right to get mad at me talaga!

Naiintindihan ko po kung bakit kayo nagalit. Pero Dad, talagang wala po akong intention to put Joni in a compromising situation.

Be Careful with My Heart | My BCWMH Addiction ~ iamgarie | Page 3

Have you ever heard about jokes about animals? Her Ate Nikki used to be her idol in everything. Delayed daw ang fllight at pwede ako manood ng Backpackers Expo. Ang sweet mo talaga! Ang gwapo-gwapo talaga ng asawa ko kahit tulog.

How we all admired and continue to admire her love and devotion to her family. I did wrong, I know! I went home this early Sunday evening with high hopes of fixing things with my dear Maya. August 6, by iamgarie 7 Comments. And there are Nikki and Nicolo who are on their way to falling in love all over again Question is, did they even really stop loving each other?

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I have no right to question why Dad is angry. Richard awakens to the loud snoring of his beloved wife and he smiles to himself.

It has taught me to remain positive at all times… to love, smile and simply be happy, and to have faith that God will see me through the hardships I will encounter in life. I love you, my dear Princess Maya! Pa-text text pa siya na mag-usap kami at ayusin problema, tapos pagdating niya una kong maririnig panunumbat? Women should be treated with respect.


Nakausap ko na silang lahat. How long can Luke keep his secret from his fellow on the job trainees? Everything is all right in his world. Kung kelangan lumuhod, then so be it!

Who will eventually make a major slip of revealing his true identity? We all want to personally hand Emman his pair of pink scissors and…! Here she goes again— giddy and speechless after vcwmh kisses her with so much ardor. Miss na miss kita, Sweetheart! This is how, I think, the entire convo went between father and son.

I did not raise you to be like that. Be Careful with My Heart has taught me to embrace life despite difficulties and trials.