In the episode, protagonist Huey Freeman seizes complete creative control of his elementary school’s annual Christmas play, but runs into trouble with administration when he wishes to portray Jesus as black. I never imagine a Tenjho Tenge cross with the Boondocks, but now the thought of such a cross excites me. It is identified as a Beretta by the slide mounted safety. In “The Passion of Reverend Ruckus”, Huey goes to his closet to retrieve stealth equipment to break his friend out of prison. Various voice Gabby Soleil Full Cast and Crew. Share this Rating Title: As with many of the firearms in the Freeman house, whether or not they are real is never revealed.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Curt Fields of The Washington Post deemed the episode “excellent,” writing, “With a knowing spin on A Charlie Brown Christmas , the story is a laugh-out-loud take on the holiday, consumerism and earnestly liberal white folks. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read View source View history. Like his adversary, he fails to score a hit, but is gunned down by nearby cops seconds later. Audible Download Audio Books. Quincy Jones , Judge Reinhold.

Okay, I find this concept pretty funny, I wanna see more of this, c’mon, updat dude. TV Episodes I’ve Seen. Upon discovering this, Huey reacts with extreme anger, firing all the kids. As for Huey’s fighting style, I would agree with others that it looks like Karate, because he uses alot of straight forward attacks, and Kung Fu, because he shows great acrobatic feats, and I do think he uses some Jeet Kune Do, because of the Bruce Lee references he used in two episodes.

XD Sorry, I’m a boondocks fan and I know very little of Tenjho Tene because I only saw like one or two episodes possibly because despite what my cousin said it didn’t appeal to me very much. Riley commonly wields airsoft guns, even in combat against Huey.


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The play was never made into a TV special nor video release due to the fact it was really a school play in which Huey thinks it’s better since he doesn’t want to look at his old goondocks Huey speaking out of narcissist.

Views Read View source View history. There’s a lot of room for growth, though, like Souichiro and Bob in the beginning of Tenjho Tenge since Huey’s presumably unaware of the level of true skill students of Todo Academy are on Hakeem voice kittie KaBoom You aiesoft probably make him a highly-skilled martial artist who is good in hand-to-hand combat and main use of weoponry are nunchakus, katana, bo staff, and the occasional airsoft boondokcs, including is own creation the Black Power Fist.

Riley often uses his bare fists in combat, as seen in his fights against Butch Magnus and Lamilton Taeshawn.

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As a fan of both Tenjho Tenge and the Boondocks, I have to say, this is a great start, and I hope you update and keep up the good work. Amazingly, he survives, but is later imprisoned for refusing to identify his attackers. Love to see Huey fight here. He is not seen firing them however. After firing several pellets at his foght end, Riley fires a vight BB at Ruckus’ head after ordering him to send a message to Santa Clause. I am honored that you appreciate my feedback.

Like his adversary, he fails to score a hit, but is gunned down by nearby cops seconds later. His thuggish fighting style, both with weapons and hand-to-hand, failed several times against the precision of Huey’s martial arts ability. He does seem to have some talent with airsoft guns, as he fought Huey to a tie in season two he was more heavily armed, though. Quotes Robert ‘Granddad’ Freeman: Initially skeptical, Huey guardedly agrees after demanding creative control “in writing.


It is identified as a Beretta by the slide mounted safety. I can’t even go to dinner. I have watched Boondocks a few times, love the fights, as well as Tenjho Tenge a few times and I wish to see what Huey does with the school. I must say, as I was reading this and you said you don’t know what Huey’s fighting style was, I’d say like some reviewers before me Huey’s fighting style is a mixture of Karate, Kung Fu, Bo Staff i guess it’s considered Tai AirsofrNinjutsu, and the J-word someone had mentioned.

Uberwitz Judge ReinholdHuey Freeman’s culturally sensitive teacher, approaches Huey in private and offers him the chance to direct the school’s Christmas play in hopes to see an African American version of Christmas. Home Alone 17 Dec Both full-size Uzis and Bonodocks Uzis appear. The two later use it to threaten a group of “suspects” but the shotgun is not used later on by either during the firefight at the end.

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Various voice Gabby Soleil Is he gonna join the JuuKen club, and is he gonna learn Ki-based attacks? Later, he uses the same weapon during the raid at Borders.

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