This wasn’t a series that rushed ahead with its thrills or reveled in splashy action scenes. Jane Adams and Frank Collison also have minor roles. Don’t let anyone say consumers don’t appreciate storytelling with panache. Apollonia 18 episodes, Patrick Bauchau Brother Justin Crowe 24 episodes, Debra Christofferson So these two men are the key players in the war between Heaven and Hell, but there really is so much more fruit to be plucked from the tree.

Retrieved August 6, Tommy Dolan 13 episodes, It was distributed by HBO Home Video and contained three audio commentaries and a behind-the-scenes featurette. Dec 7, 24, 0 0 www. Amy Madigan played his sister Iris. Goofs Whenever “Russian” dialogue is heard, most of it is just gibberish. FloppyDelux Member Feb 22, I’m not here to play apologist for the network.

Apr 9, 0 0. June however marked the first time that a comprehensive work of detailed character backgrounds was made public.

Ralph Waite joined the regular cast. Retrieved October 1, Retrieved September 17, Folks have been asking what I want them to do in the face of this, Okay, then. Retrieved September 3, The sense of authenticity in the show is complemented by a talented cast who bring a sense of realism to what is a rather fantastical script.

Maybe a series of films I spent the entire day sulking when I found out about this.

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They have this relationship, he and Dora were best friends, and once Dora dies, I think it really kind of sucked a little bit out of the Gecko character. It’s pretty clear now that, for whatever reasons, we never found our audience. Push this past the “grace period” every network gives after a cancellation to the disgruntled fans. The show received numerous other nominations and awards between and Davidion Member Feb 21, Once I started to think about Carnivale again the urge to rewatch became impossible to resist.


Retrieved April 22, The resulting images were photoshopped and digitally rendered. Retrieved August 9, Let’s make our voices heard!

I do realize it was a very expensive series to shoot, but IMO, well worth it. The opening title sequence itself begins with a deck of Tarot cards falling into the sand, while the camera moves in and enters one card into a separate world presenting layers of artwork and footage from iconic moments of the American Depression era ; the camera then moves back out of a different card and repeats the procedure several times.

To me, the exploding of the nuclear bombs was in a way a declaration of independence from nature. Later reviews were able to judge the series based on full seasons. Just never delivered on the premise for me. Just a note from some of your devoted ‘audience’ in Albany, NY.

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Season 1’s first storyline is led by Nick Stahl portraying the protagonist Ben Hawkinsa young Okie farmer who joins a traveling carnival. Reviews however indicate that the show’s cryptic mythology and inaccessibility to the casual viewer were major factors.


I seriously doubt it. Dec 7, 24, 0 0 www. Disc 2 will be arriving any day now Dissappointing and frustrating to say the least. The production team of A52 had intended to “create a title sequence that grounded viewers in the mids, but that also allowed people to feel a seqson presence of good and evil over all of time.

We just finished watching all of the first season episodes in a two-day marathon of ‘Carnivaling.

The hardest one was Brother Justin. How Much Have You Seen? When Twin Peaks ended in a huge void was left in television viewing for me. Justin on the Ferris wheel as Ben healed the people in the seaspn, etc.

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Alexandria 12 episodes, John Carroll Lynch Could you please exploit the rights? Dark Horizons gets it.

I’m absolutely sure of it. Then there are the few shows