He participated actively at the Romanian Revolution and his appearance and speech during the Revolution brought about coherence and clarity to the people who listened. Get in Touch with Us First name. The content of the www. Archived from the original on April 15, About Time, Paranoia, Battle of the Year: Romania Insider Free Newsletter Subscribe now. For instance, for the war scenes, he used real dynamite and trotyle as well as real blood. Steaua was the dearest to him throughout time, even though he played rugby at Dinamo.

Movie openings this weekend in Romania: An Unexpected Journey-premiere in December The intensity of his training for this movie was similar to what the Romania’s Olympic boxing team at that moment performed. Romania’s Jan – Nov fruit and vegetable trade runs 1 bn euro deficit Romanian prosecutors suspend activity to protest against Govt. Through the voice of those who narrate, we discover that we are a nation without borders. P Choosing the right school for your children. Alegeti categorie Interne Externe.

Georgiana Tanasescu; EN – author: He was pronounced dead at 8: The documentary “Greater Union – Romania at ” is an invitation to an emotional and captivating journey, experienced, not just narrated, by people for whom Romania is also a collection of important historical moments in the birth of this state.

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P Come and discover what makes us exceptional. Through the voice of those who narrate, we discover that we are a nation without borders. At that time Nicolaescu was 50 years old and its boxing matches and the hits during this movie are real and against strong opponents. Views Read Edit View history.


On the other hand, Mirceaalso known as Proud Heritage was considered by some critics as being a less artistically fulfilled endeavour. Puteti schimba setarile privind cookie-urile in orice moment. Romania Insider Awards Regardless these films have aesthetic qualities bucursti, and are the expression of Sergiu Nicolaescu’s vision as both a film director and a writer. Romanian loses lead on top European prosecutor job after EU Council vote.

Nevertheless after this brain surgeries he said he changed dramatically: After undergoing surgery, Nicolaescu developed respiratory complications, leading to acute respiratory failure within 48 hours. OUG 7 pre-approval consultation should have been broader, yet this is Ministry of Justice turf P Success in Top Universities.

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Romania’s Bkcuresti – Nov fruit and vegetable trade runs 1 bn euro deficit The film was entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival. Cinema City, Odeon Cineplex; Constanta: Cinema City Galleria; Satu Mare: The Extraterrestrial original version onlythe young boy Elliott watches this movie on TV – Mihai Viteazul in the US version – the scene with the battle of Calugareni.

The December screenings will be scheduled for the first day of the month. Films directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu.

Every day, even when he was 80 years old, he spent at least 1 hour doing physical activity gimnastics, etc. In his last years the health problems made his life difficult. View the discussion thread. P Come and discover what makes us exceptional. His movie Mihai Viteazul was considered the best of the Romanian historical movies and is one of the most appreciated world-wide of this kind for example, considering imdb ratings.


An accomplished battle scenes director, Sergiu Nicolaescu, as legend has it, would have been able to film some 70—80 meters of useful shots in the same amount of time that the average director would need in order to produce 12—15 meters. It was a big merit of Sergiu Nicolaescu that, for all difficult or very risky tasks, he was able to show in detail to any actor or camera operator exactly what they had to do before they did it.

Cityplex, Cinema City; Iasi: City of Bones, Planes Coming up: According to the public information available, Nicolaescu was a very active person and he had a very disciplined lifestyle. He maintained intact his huge passion for filmmaking until the end of his life.

Romanian prosecutors suspend activity to protest against Govt. Trending content 26 February While creating such historical movies he was supported by the Romanian Ministry of Defence with large numbers of extras and war equipment. Republication or redistribution of content is prohibited without reference to the source.

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Sergiu Nicolaescu said that as a young boy, he practiced many sports like athleticsequestrianismboxingshooting and rugby.

He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest as a mechanical engineer. About Time, Paranoia, Battle of the Year: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.