Her search for him leads her to the street vendor who recognizes the destiny necklace. Felt the dragon prince’s role is absolutely unnecessary. The monkey named himself Great Sage, Equal to Heaven. I love this drama because of Lee Gak and rooftop family but I disappointed on the writer I want to hear your voice, and touch you. He still remembers the chicken shop in question since that place was often behind in rent, and is flabbergasted when he learns that Sunny is looking to get in touch with Reaper, not him. The blue fire engulfs her and she looks up at him gratefully before disappearing into ashes, leaving PK alone with his tears. It was a beautiful ending.

As for Sa O-jeong, he was told by Oh-gong to go back and deal with the aftermath. I was surprised to find out that Sunny does remember everything, from her own doomed connection to Reaper to getting to know Eun-tak again from the very beginning. I read a comment weeks ago which was about how all the characters acted out of love eg Goblin’s love for humanity made him save Eun-tak’s mum etc. As a result, different interpretations surfaced. Sakamichi no Apollon is a heartwarming story of friendship, music, and love that follows three unique individuals brought together by their mutual appreciation for jazz. This sorta open-ended ending does no good to my heart, though. Lord Tae-mu gets up, takes his sword out, and slices down the two henchmen stationed outside:

The Lonely Shining Goblin: Episode 15 ¬Ľ Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Sena was the one who would be able to stop this cruel ill fate. On to the ending of our OTP, apparently theres this place Netherworld and monkey will go there to fetch Sun Mi, after that who knows. I was actually hoping that because there were some slight changes in the past, that the “future”, a. Thus, Sunny pretended not to know her and said it was their “Day One”.


Sarah December 29, at For what purpose is he still collecting points then? And Secretary Kim’s TT dance. Also I shall join you in denial and maintain that while JB may disagree, I think it is fair to say that the ending was ambiguous enough on purpose and that it is not completely unbelievable to think that TY gained LG’s memories, if sniopsis upon waking up from his coma, when he touched PH.

It makes me question their relationship, because Park Ha is essentially loving two different man.

It sounded as if he were speaking in Japanese and Russian or maybe Mongolian, based on the clothing. I didn’t even watch it yet but reading the recap, how it ends, just made me bawl They may not have gotten to hold hands and kiss, but they did have their time together. Yeah I don’t know why I got the impression that it was quite a while already, because apart nlossoms the LHJ scene it really felt like a lot of time had passed to me LOL.

May Queen 1-38 (Final)

I am beginning to see why the subbers did not treat this as a priority. If applied to the drama:. If applied to the drama: Anyway, maybe I’ll just believe my theories. Which i cannot close an eye to. Raise your hand if a candle app made its way on your Smartphone I feel like crying whenever he’s crying.


And of course we have the example of Wang Yeo who never quite got to think clearly for himself, what it meant to be a good ruler, a good husband and a person who treated life responsibly who ended up punished as a Grim Reaper.

This whole thing is so nonsensical I can’t even be properly angry about it! Eun-tak says people are usually left disappointed when they reunite with their first loves because the reunion never lives up to their fantasies.

She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Korea to attend the same school that Tae Joon attends after he suffers an accident that could potentially end his career. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. She entered the palace as a child with her sister. Time is his punishment, but we don’t know for how long. PakalanaPikake January 23, at 8: Between it and your comments here, I can see that Oh-gong’s “real” journey has just begun. Congratulations to the Rooftop Prince crew.

I was waiting for the recap on here since morning. I wanted to lament more but girlfriday wrote everything thank you. I will admit, I put off watching this episode for sinopss of 5 hours before I had to sit down and watch it.

Reaper approaches him menacingly‚Ķ then continues to cut slices of bread. I hate to say this, but I think the Hong Sisters writing are now kinda ‘old school’.