Sunday, September 2, 6: Just so you know I am running usb enhanced in the bios with usb wireless keyboard and mouse, no problem there. Nano, your news is encouraging regarding the chipset. You may need to reload WIn7 for the new config but the processor may be the root problem. Windows 7 does include the chipset drivers as well as drivers for most of the onboard hardware. Is it a usb keboard? Any ideas on how to solve this?

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Intel Desktop Board D865PERL – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE Series

Try changing which ports you have your USB devices plugged into, and if possible use the rear ports instead of the ones in the front. Think bad code corrupted download?

Its too bad c865perl other than the motherboard driver everything else runs great once it boots. Actually I had to when I set the memory speed to instead of I think it is better to upgrade your motherboard to resolve this issue.

Maybe there is hope.

Thursday, October 21, 5: Tuesday, March 2, 7: On a side-note though, If anyone needs to know what I got mine to run perfectly, or my exact setting and specs, Vidoe be glad to gather and share the knowledge. And since going into BIOS “fixes” the problem, this might just be the cause.


Vga driver intel d865perl for win 7

I had that card lying around so I decided to try it just for curiosity. It has two bulging caps that went bad just sitting. Vegan Fanatic, that kind of answer does not contribute to a solution and is not even correct information.

I haven’t tried to get RAID to work. Regardless of whether or not Intel supports these boards, you can run Win7 32 bit on them, if you have enough RAM and a good fast video card. Adjusting the bios seemed to work fine for my system.

Intel Desktop Board DPERL – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE Overview – CNET

Their architecture is very closely related. Too small of a power supply is going to cause you probs, too. Should i replace my dvd drive with a sata one?

It ran for about 15 seconds and halted.

I suppose I could reflash it. I power down, and enter the BIOS.

Might be worth reading through those if you are just getting to know these boards. Any ideas on how to solve this? Reason I ask is going into BIOS will usually recall known good parameters if it detects something is askew.


You’ll have to run Win7 32bit on these old computers. Just this morning I replaced the memory with 2 gig of Kingston that was specifically listed on Intel’s website as tested and compatible.

Intel DPERL Motherboard

I’ll give you some hope, i’ve installed successfully win 7 in a perl, and i did it twice, with the win 7 beta and with the win 7 ultimate 32 bits, i d86perl installed drivers. Currently it has Microsofts drivers loaded for the motherboard and Device Manager shows everybody is a happy camper I have also tried Win7 Pro and Win7 Ultimate and they will also install. I like pushing the outside of the envelope MOBO in very good shape and this thing seems to have alot of potential power.

Advanced configuration menu, usb sub-menu. I exit the BIOS and then it boots.

What do I do to check this? Even though 32bit can’t use all 4GB, it can use 3.