The blade shoots out from the handle and flies into the Green Beret’s neck. The two struggle to gain control of the bayonet and the I. That catches the rest of the gang’s attention. Attila falls back, but when Alexander comes up and thrusts at The Hun, Attila sucks his stomach in, avoiding the sword. The three Mongolians kneel down and shoot at the elephant with their recurve bow and arrows, but soon retreat as the elephant charges in, trampling one Mongolian. A different Yakuza runs into the Mafia, who already has his switch blade at the ready and takes him down with a slash to the stomach. He looks up and sees the Knight with his morning star in hand.

Pol Pot and his remaining soldier then move on to the building, Tokarevs at the ready with Pol Pot quickly pointing his upward and shooting. That catches the rest of the gang’s attention. The others see his bloody body and briefly mourn their dead friend before advancing toward the Ming Warriors. He then raises his blood-covered Bowie knife in the air and yells in victory. Capone catches up and the two men begin to run after Jesse James’s crew. The Ming Warrior falls to the ground and dies. As he collapses, he makes one last effort to kill her, but Joan grabs his arm and sword.

Inside the basement, the SEALs break off into a 2-man unit and a 3-man unit, while a 3-man unit of Commandos heads into the basement.

The Ming Warrior prepares to fire another shot, but znade Musketeer shoots him with the musket before he gets a chance. The Ming Warrior tries again, but the Musketeer parries and stabs him in the stomach. The Musketeer shot by the Pole Gun is assisted in getting back onto his feet, only to be shot in the head by another Ming Warrior’s Pole Gun. The blade shoots out from the handle and flies into the Green Beret’s neck.


After kicking James to the floor, Capone draws his Stiletto while Jesse gets up with his Bowie knife at hand. Enraged, Capone then kicks James as he drops his stiletto, forcing Jesse to also drop his knife. The Spartan chases aarrior catches up to him, trying to thrust his spear again.

As it turns out, the clicking noise is coming from the Roman Centurion cranking the lever on his Scorpion Crossbow. Meanwhile, Al Capone and three of his men drive up to the museum, alerting the James Gang who have finished loading up their newly acquired revolvers. The Ming Warrior that killed the first Musketeer desperately tries to escape, passing by the sword stuck in deadliesg ground. Gs tries once again but the Warripr moves out of the way, and the Viking crashes into a tree.

He nods in satisfaction and turns around, only to find himself staring down the barrel of another Spetsnaz’s Saiga shotgun. Not far away, Sun Tzu pulls out a spare set of his armor and a Zhua hidden underneath fallen foliage.

The Rajput then swings his sword and cuts the head of the Dolabra off from the handle.

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Wallace throws his dirk at Jaguwr, who deflects it with his iklwa. The Taliban member tries to open the door, but is unable to do so.

Clashing swords again, William tries to swing his broadsword down from overhead. Season 3 premiered on July 20, at 10 pm ET. The Rajput, however, pulls out his Khanda sword and parries the Javelin. The Zande Warrior pulls out his Makraka and knocks the maquahuitl out of the Aztec’s hands.

He distracts the Immortal with the Long Sword, and then hits the Immortal with the club. Not far away, Crazy Horse and 4 Lakota come over the hill, himself and two other Lakota mounted on horseback. Joey Dillon Champion GunslingerJ. The Samurai slashes at the Viking’s legs, jabuar the Viking to his knees.


He fails to land properly, however, and instead falls to the ground. The Mongolians regroup and continue assaulting the elephant with arrows, firing arrows into its hide and head, and driving it away from the battlefield. The GSG9 member then quickly runs in and dispatches him.

The Green Beret leader carefully walks up to a door and throws his M67 grenade through the broken window. The other Rough Rider helps Roosevelt to his feet, with Roosevelt assuring him that he’s okay. Meanwhile, the Green Beret approaches from another part of the city and enters from a different gate. Both Hussein and his azec burst from a second-story balcony and join the fray, shooting and killing the guerrilla before he can get back to his feet.

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The downed Ranger is also shot through with the North Korean’s Type As one Villistas rides into the middle of the field, another takes jaguarr with his Colt Bisley and fires, killing one of the other mounted Lakota who slumps down in his saddle. The Ninja pops out from a tree and tries to shoots him with his blowgun.

The remaining 4 Native Wsrrior then decide to split up into two groups: They stop to shoot at him, with the bomb right behind them. The Spetsnaz squad makes their way to a building blocked by a locked gate. Warrlor single SEAL regroups with his squad and infiltrates the facility through the a tower into the basement while the rest of the Commandos fire at them from the balcony.