Simon Brenner muss wieder ran. But if you wait patiently and aren’t too interested, they’ll tell you everything. The story is set during the period of denazification investigations conducted in post-war Germany after the Second World War, and it is based on the real interrogations that took place between a U. A story that spans a hundred years in Germany. The award was not presented in , , , and Hearing the story from a third person was interesting, the narrator went from main character voice to narrator like any great storyteller.

Does the charm of the Voice sustain from one to the next? Brenner returns to Graz, the city where he grew up. Following wrong clues and harboring false suspicions is part of the narrative convention of the detective story as it prolongs the plot and builds suspense. His choice to work as a private detective seems rather a necessity than a true calling. Brenner cannot find the manager, who called him, so talks with her father in law, who owns the restaurant, and her husband, who lead him off to a soccer game, where a bag of balls contains a human head, which belongs to a player from another team, who accused the son in law of bribing him to lose a game, and this leads into the art scene, the soccer scene, and even the schilling to seniors over the border in the former Yugoslavia scene. Campino singer topic Campino live on stage Campino born Andreas Frege, 22 June is a German singer, songwriter and actor.

Hearing the story from a third person was interesting, the narrator went from main character voice to narrator like any great storyteller.

Der Knochenmann (Brenner, #2) by Wolf Haas

It has been pointed out that the private eye of the hard-boiled novel is a law unto himself, often crossing legal boundaries to follow his own code of justice.

In and in he was employed at the Theater an der Wien as hair stylist for the musical Mozart!.

Apparently many Austrians find Haas and his main character, Simon Brenner, endearing as well, as the books are a big hit there, and several movies have been made from the series. His stories are interesting, but almost as interesting can be the diversions into whatever his focus grabs on at the moment When confronted with his old friends, his former girlfriend and the major sin he committed when he was young, murders and a fateful gunshot to the head result.


I will look forward to Brenner 3 in English with the hope that my reaction to Brenner 2 was misplaced.

As the narrator states at the beginning of the novel, a Catholic boarding school is a rather unusual place for such a gruesome crime:. Just like the hard-boiled detectives, Brenner represents a position between that of the police and the criminal. – Die Fundgrube für außergewöhnliche Filme

This two-star novella had it all: Not quite as manic as Robin Williams, but maybe Robin Williams lite. Insgesamt flim ich diesen Roman etwas besser als den ersten, vor allem weil er bissiger und lustiger als der erste Roman aus der Brenner-Serie ist.

It must have been a hard task to balance the black comedy and the flippant nature of the unreliable omniscient narrator, with the odd and filmm events of the plot but when you’re clearly not aware of the correct English terms for one of the major subplots to the point where sentences are not making sense then you’re not doing your job correctly. The 2 Brenner books I have read are very funny, riding on one of the most original narrative crime lit voices you will find.

However, Brenner lacks the ability to decode this clue correctly, mainly because of his faulty memory. The work was an attempt at kritij out to the common person with an American epic.

Jetzt ist schon wieder was passiert But the woman who summoned Brenner is nowhere to be found. The Way to Live Brenner returns to Graz, the city where he grew up.

Und die Schule abgebrochen. When Georg loses his job, he conceals the fact from his younger wife Johanna, who wants a child with him.


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A short book — pages. I still urge anyone who values originality to seek out and read Wolf Haas. Originally written in German, the language seemed a little odd, but it’s still wor I didn’t realize when I picked this book up that it was the second in a series although, I can see it work well as a series.

Der Knochenmann

Other books in the series. There’s a golden rule for you to take note of. The Forest for the Trees was screened at a large nu For a TV knochenmann, the two unemployed friends Benny and Marko pretend to be petty criminals with immigrant background until the coin flips and reality turns against them.

Early life and education Ade was born in Karlsruhe, West Germany. Gitti is much more spontaneous and light-hearted than Chris, wanting to go out and try to make friends while Chris remains introverted, preferring to stay in and read, even hiding from his neighbour, Hans. The Preis der deutschen Filmkritik is a prize given by the German Film Critics Association, awarded to the best German films of the past year.