The Uruguayan Navy has 2 Type submarines, and Venezuela has 4 boats which displace 1, tons each. He was a very dedicated husband and father, and was tragically shot accidentally by a German sentry shortly after the end of World War Two on May 13, The first boat was scuttled by the Germans on May 2, and the second boat was scuttled by the Germans on the following day to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. She could make up to 34 knots with her diesel engines and turbines. Each vessel was armed with 4 4-inch guns, 4 2-pounder guns, 2 mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns and 40 anti-submarine depth charges. Her history and dates of service were the same as those of her 3 earlier sister ships. They displace 1, tons submerged and have an official top speed of at least 20 knots under water. This ship survived World War Two, and was scrapped in

The first 22 ships were named after heroes in the German Navy from the First World War, while the remaining ships were merely numbered up to Z. Films with images and sensitive content. Maximum range was 10, miles on the surface and 90 miles submerged. She vanquished 10 Allied ships during her successful cruise. She could make up to 13,9 knots, was 80,43 meters long, had a beam of 12,6 meters and a draught of 3,97 meters. She was bombed and sunk by Allied aircraft while in her home port of Kiel, Germany on July 24, Her steaming radius was 35, miles. Most could go down only a few hundred feet below the surface.

She is 54,2 meters long, has a beam of 9,3 meters and a draught of 3,6 meters. Armament was just 4 torpedos per boat and the crew size was 19 commissioned officers and enlisted men.


Her displacement was 1, tons full load. They were not particularly seaworthy upon the high seas, and tended to ship a good deal of water. Initially, she belonged to the Italian allies of Napoleonic France.

Her crew consisted of 5 commissioned officers and 42 enlisted men, all of whom sadly went down with her when she fell victim to a typhoon in Japanese waters on September 2, She raided the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, eventually meeting her end off the coast of Japan in October She was protected by belt armor, was ,2 meters long, had beam of 18,3 meters and a draught of 8,2 meters.

She could make up to 13 knots, and her crew consisted of 33 commissioned officers and enlisted men. The Type II boats ranged in size from tons up to tons each, with 25 crew members.

These ships are considered to be large auxiliary vessels of the navy — built to support warships, but not designed for combat themselves. She was rigged as a schooner, and had square meters of sail area.

Her steaming radius was 35, miles. She was scrapped in Kiel inafter 49 years of service. Torpedo Boat Flottilla who was killed in action during World War One, while trying to save 2 other German torpedo boats which had run into a mine field. If you don’t hear the sounds, please try another server or use Desktop browsers to watch. These boats had a top surface speed of 17,75 knots and a submerged speed of up to 8,25 knots.

Top speed was up to 37,5 knots with diesel engines.

Argentina owns 4 such boats. They carry tons of fuel oil and their range of operations is up to 2, nautical miles. She was paying a visit minensucnerin the U. Their boats displace up to 1, tons. They are ,4 meters long, have a beam of 14,38 meters and a draught of 6,4 meters.


These great ships had 2 battery decks and 3 masts.

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Torpedo Boat Flottilla, who was mihensucherin in action when his boat was sunk at the Battle of Jutland in May Her range of operations was up to 9, nautical miles, and her crew consisted of 39 naval personnel plus 22 civilian scientists. She is 53,5 meters long, has a beam of 9,1 meters and a draught of 2,6 meters. Her top speed was 18 knots with her diesel engines. She was taken from Yugoslavia by Italy, and then from Italy by Germany.

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In the beginning, the Western European Union WEU military alliance placed restrictions upon German submarine construction, specifying that only coastal units were allowed and that no unconventional i. They had both engines and barquentine rigging, with square meters of sail. Has a child with her husband, sport journalist Lambert Dinzinger: She displaced just 15 tons. They can make up to 12 knots with their diesel engines.

Capital warships would have included battleships, battlecruisers and all other cruisers, both large and small. There are still 45, German-speaking people in Namibia today, two-thirds of them White and the remainder Black. Theodor Riedel was the commander of the 6.