Bulma also notifies everyone at Kami’s Lookout to go there to meet up. Babidi’s other henchman, Pui Pui, kills Yamu. Meanwhile, Vegeta is also surprised to find that Trunks is also capable of becoming a Super Saiyan, whose strength is slightly higher than Goten’s. Kibito, Gohan, and Videl set off after the others. Cell then lightly kicks Krillin to one side, leaving him almost dead, but Trunks rushes to his aid and feeds him a Senzu bean, saving him from near death. Ginyu, in Goku’s body, and Jeice arrive back at the ship as well, but when Ginyu tries to power up his level is only 23,, far less than the , level Goku had before the body switch.

After learning that Frieza is the tyrant terrorizing Planet Namek, King Kai warns Goku to stay away at all costs as he fears that no one is powerful enough to defeat the mighty Frieza. Before his death, Vegeta informs Goku that Frieza was responsible for the destruction of the Planet Vegeta and the entire Saiyan race; Vegeta begs Goku to defeat the tyrant and avenge their people, and even sheds true tears, which greatly moves Goku. Following a remark from Gohan, Videl comes back the next day with her hair cut. Krillin tells her that now is their chance to get off the island, and that she and Android 16 must leave now. When Frieza claims that he was just warming up, Goku reveals that he hasn’t even begun to use his full power yet. Videl appears to get the upper hand in her match, but Spopovitch keeps getting up no matter how many times he is knocked down. The evil tyrant attempts to destroy this second Super Saiyan, but is unsuccessful.

Goten and Trunks’ Super Battle! When Chobi’s parents attack the city in search of their child, Gohan manages to handle the situation and return Chobi to his parents.

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Following this battle, Frieza transforms to his second form, following some goading from Vegeta – and this increases the tyrant’s power level to over a million. As Videl refuses to give up despite the beating she is taking, Goku wonders where Spopovitch got his power from. Trunks epril to find Vegeta while Krillin delivers the prints to Bulma.

While staring down Piccolo, the monster pierces the man he’d been dragging and appears to absorb him, leaving only his clothing. He knew this because he overheard the conversation between Trunks and Goku. He eventually fights back.

Meanwhile, 17 refuses to heed Piccolo’s warnings about Cell, and is quickly defeated. During his time on Earth, Vegeta has learned to sense energy without needing a scouter; he senses Gohan, Krillin, and Dende in the distance. Nappa faces off against the Z Fighters and proves to farth a formidable opponent. Shortly afterward, Trunks and Vegeta emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, stating that they have successfully surpassed the level of Super Saiyan.


Since Piccolo can’t separate, Goku theorises that he can convince another Namekian to stay on Earth and create a new set of Dragon Balls, and goes to King Kai’s planet so he can find the Namekians. With that, Goku bids his son and friends a final fond farewell.

Jeice flees to Captain Ginyu and tells him what draogn happened. Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin are forced to stand idly by while Frieza continues to thrash the Saiyan prince. Even the android’s energy absorption attack proves futile, as Vegeta tears off the android’s hands, making it impossible for it to absorb anymore energy from its opponents.

Kiseki o Okose Son Gohan ” Japanese: The last time Spopovitch participated in the tournament, he barely lasted 5 seconds in front of Mr.

The Earth and Gohan in Dire Peril! Come Quick, Son Goku! – Secret Saiyan

Announcing, “The Abll Games! King Kai has also taught Goku the Spirit Bomb technique, and tests Goku’s ability to create a Spirit Bomb with a large brick as a dife Goku destroys it with no problems.

Goku and Captain Ginyu fight, and after a while Ginyu asks Goku to release his true power. King Kai then proceeds to teach Goku his signature technique: The final juniors division match eventually comes to an end, where a sneak attack by Supdr causes Goten to lose by ring out.

Both of them arrive to school late, which leads Videl to be even more suspicious of Gohan. Gohan and Kibito catch up to Goku’s group. Goku and Freeza and Ginyu, Again?! Vegeta outmatches Pui Pui in terms of fighting skill.

During an intermission, Trunks and Goten decide to take out one of the participants and steal his clothes. Namekkusei e Iza Hasshin ” Japanese: As some of the other Z Fighters express interest in the tournament, Goku calls out from the Other World and dpisode he will return to Earth for a single day to participate. Confessions of the Mysterious Youth, Trunks!

Supreme Kai and Kibito warn Goku and the others about the malicious pair.

Cell is excited that the fight will be ln interesting, but Gohan is unamused and snatches the stolen Senzu beans from Cell. Piccolo tries to ward off Cell, but Cell has become too powerful for him to handle. Super Perfect Cell continues to charge his Kamehamehaand reveals that not only has he gathered enough energy to destroy the Earth, but he also now has enough power to destroy the entire solar system with this blast.


Take Down the Ginyu Force! Satan balll that a battle royal be held between the remaining contestants.

23. The Earth and Gohan in Dire Peril! Come Quick, Son Goku!

However, as soon as Frieza, King Cold, and their army of soldiers arrive on Earth, they are met by a mysterious teenager wielding a sword, who says that he has come to kill them. King Cold tries to defeat the Super Saiyan himself, but the teenager easily kills him and destroys his ship. Frieza condemns Zarbon for destroying Vegeta as he thinks Vegeta has a Dragon Ball hidden and needs Vegeta to reveal its location, so he sends Zarbon to retrieve Vegeta and bring him gihan to the ship to heal.

Though frightened by the size of the energy ball, Frieza decides to eliminate Goku before he can complete the attack. Gohan wants to unleash his power, but cannot figure out how. Vegeta then angrily confronts Gohan, who is suler to fight at first, until he gets support from Goku.

Failing to defeat Goku, an enraged Frieza gathers all of his energy and charges at Goku, with Goku firing a Kamehameha at Frieza in response.

They then use the second wish to teleport Piccolo to Namek so he can assist them in their fight with Frieza, but they are not specific enough in their wish; as a result, Piccolo is indeed transported to Namek, but ends up quite a distance away from his friends and the imminent battle with Frieza.

After ten days of training, Videl manages to master flight. Goten and Trunks surprise the audience with advanced techniques. Android 20 and the Twisted Future! Goku sends an urgent telepathic message to Master Roshi via King Kai’s telepathy, insisting that the Dragon Balls be used to resurrect him with all possible haste.

Trunks momentarily lets Cell push him around a little in order to create a chance for Krillin to take the unconscious Vegeta to a safe location. Krillin meets up with Dende on the way over, as Dende had been heading for the Earth team already.