Back in the present, Raina and Howlingstar check up on Jin and Gio. However, Akira instead drives him to where Toa is, and the two are once again reunited. When Ostrum later reappears and overpowers the Lindworm Unit, Akira decides to join in the battle to help her comrades. Gio continues to attack his former comrades by knocking them all out. However, the dragon battles are the only confrontations done in CG , as character fights are in 2D since the director believes that highspeed character movements are best expressed in that form. Jin and Toa embrace as they are reunited once again.

Due to Pluto’s destruction, the asteroid , which is dubbed Thanatos , becomes temporarily stagnant in Pluto’s orbit. Gio asks if Jin can protect Toa, and after hearing that Jin can, Gio realizes that he has been getting between Toa and Jin all along. Views Read Edit View history. In the present, Ostrum continues to do battle with Atrum, and after they both return to their Communicator forms, Nozaki tries to explain why he is protecting humans. The opening theme, “perfect blue”, is performed, composed, and written by the J-pop group Jazzin’ Park. She allows Kazuki to become her Pilot, and they fly off into space.

Infinity Strike Witches Red Garden: The anime contains 25 episodes; [1] not including “Episode 00”, which is an interview with the director Manabu Ono. Shueisha released a bound volume containing all the chapters on May 2, Akira realizes that Jin and Gio planned their capture, in order to get a pod necessary for Jin to go into space with Gio. Since the Gillard King and Sakaki are convinced that Dragons are dangerous, they are hunting down both original and artificially made dragons, save those that are under their command.

Members of the Dragonaut team attempt to protect as many humans as they can from the billions of Ostrums sent by Thanatos. During his attempt, Gio battles Garnet while being weakened by a machine, but as Jin tries to escape, he destroys the machine. Nozaki helps them get through by blowing himself up, taking out massive numbers of dragons in the group’s way. On March 24,at the International Anime Fair in Tokyothe first promotional image for the anime series was revealed.


Kazuki then offers to help Jin get Toa back if Jin agrees to give him Gio. Helping him is Toa, a mysterious girl who saves him from falling to his death after the creature attacks him.

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Views Read Edit View history. As Jin and his comrades travel, Gio disappears without telling the others after he senses something from Thanatos.

Gio, in his Communicator form, and Jin storms the main building, and eventually arrives cubbed the throne room. Retrieved December 16, Gio still manages to escape with the others, and ends up rdagonaut an abandoned facility, where Toa heals Gio’s wound. Elsewhere, Garnet is trying to apologize for her failures to Prince Asim Jamar, but he is now more interested in obtaining Toa. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Kazuki once again meets Widow, who is actually a Communicator.

Back in the present, Asim and Toa argue about the nature of the human race. After being spotted, the two groups engage in a battle that breaks the pool’s floor, resulting in their separation through underground waterways. In fact, Manabu Ono expected that the series would continue being developed on, even after it begins broadcast in fall An internet radio broadcast began airing every Wednesday peisode September 5, When she finally finds Jin and Gio, Howlingstar, Machina, 1 Amadeus arrive in order to capture her.

Two years ago Jin Kamishina survived a shuttle accident that killed the rest of his family, causing in him to live out the rest of his life alone. Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and two closing themes.

Meanwhile on Mars, Toa tries to find ways to escape, but fails. Back on the moon, Toa is encouraged by a coffee shop owner, named Shelly, to not deny her feelings, so she decides to go look for Jin. This page was last edited on 17 Augustat Anime and manga portal.

Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 11 English Subbed

Epiisode later attempts to retrieve some dragon eggs, but Kasuga Nozaki’s glowing eyes make her hesitate, giving Amadeus a chance to knock her unconscious. Also, there is now a new D-Project. As Jin and Toa spend time together, and as the others think of heading into space, Gio converses with Akira and Machina, who have merged with Thanatos as part of its soul. Later, when Toa reaffirms her feelings for Jin, she, along with every other Dragon on Earth, senses something from Thanatos.


Later, epispde ISDA realizes that their experimentations on artificial Dragons caused them to develop an immunity to the “anti-Thanatos factor”, however, it may still work on original Dragons. Due to Pluto’s destruction, the asteroidwhich is dubbed Thanatosbecomes temporarily stagnant in Pluto’s orbit. Their battle results in Kazuki and Widow being engulfed in an explosion.

Back in the present, Garnet releases her true powers and stabs Gio in the stomach. In order to protect Jin, Toa, known as the “Album”, reveals that she too can transform into dbbed Dragon.

Now, in order to avoid Earth’s impending destruction, the International Solarsystem Development Agency ISDA works on the “D-Project”, and secretly creates weapons called ” Dragons ” after finding a dragon egg under the ocean.

Gio is confronted by Dubhed while Jin is attacked by Asim.

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In disagreement, the Dragonaut team decides to leave, except Jin, who is led to Toa by Gio. They quickly destroy most of the enemy’s forces, and then saves the shuttle that was entering the Earth’s atmosphere. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Dragonayt Policy. Nozaki realizes that Sakaki intends to use the “Aegis system” on the captured Dragons. The ISDA crew is back in action, but the dragons are acting really strange.

After Gio dragoanut his leave when Toa refuses his offer again, Toa heals Laura, who is actually “Raum”, the final original Dragon from Thanatos, while Sakaki and Jin talk.