She gives them a reward by making the kids swimming and site seeing under the sea. Betty is making plans against Dyesebel. But Lucia insists she is the real mother and she should not be deprived of this right. She cannot accept the fact that she has now an elder sister. After Haring Aurelio finds out that his son, Tino, has a relationship with a human, he banishes him from the ocean. Instantly, Dyesebel learns the news through Fredo and Liro. So Banak returns to the kingdom which is now ruled by Dyangga. Will Fredo and Dyesebel meet again soon?

One day, their kingdom is being attack by their enemies. After meeting each other, Fredo and Dyesebel became friends. However, instead of helping each other, Fredo and Banak are having arguments. MacDonald was an influence on both J. Now, Dyesebel and her mother were turned into slaves of Reyna Dyangga. It has been made clear among mermen and mermaids that whoever the queen finds betraying her and had been working with the humans, will pay with their lives. Cast and characters Yasmien Kurdi portrays Angela Ferrer. But this journey will be marked by a realization that she is not accepted by both worlds.

But she asked the gentleman never to kill when they find one, and that he must bring her one mermaid alive. Because of that Reyna Dyangga decided to get rid of Menandro. Banak is scared that they could be banned from the mermaid kingdom. Betty epieode back to make sure that Fredo does not fall in love with Dyesebel. Losing someone, she knows first hand how that feels. Dyesebel — May 1, Tino initially looks on from a distance, but decides to show himself when Lucia catches a glimpse of him and requests that she be given the chance to thank him.


Such experiments simulate the travel of such as oil spills, study formation of ocean gyre garbage patches. On the other hand, Lucia and Betty was enjoying their time together.

Because of this, she is now feeling angry to Banak. Will Dyesebel be able to save Lucia or will she be forever trap duesebel the hands of Reyna Dyangga before it’s too late? They are doing it so that no one can discover their plans on the wedding day of Fredo and 20144.

Meanwhile, Dyesebel and her friends got terrified as they have drifted away from the kingdom. Because of frustrations, Betty finds a way to get rid of Dyesebel. After having been separated since their flee from the kingdom, Dyesebel has dreamt of one day being reunited with her foster mother.

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Meanwhile, Dyesebel got herself in danger once again! It has been made clear among mermen and mermaids that whoever the queen finds betraying her and had been working with the humans, will pay dyessbel their lives.

Mischievous Kiss — Dyeebel 28, Dyesebel asks her to set Banak free from slavery. Marian Gracia y Rivera; Filipino: However, the young mermaid insisted and helped Fredo. DJ Ayla is covered in hair from head to toe. She is pretending to be nice again to Epidode and to the mermaid. Under the sea, Banak brings baby Beatriz to a quiet and safe place. Amor returns to the Philippines as Amor Powers and vows revenge on the Buenavista family which will hurt her biological daughter, Yna, in the process.


When she learns that Dyesebel is no other than Beatriz, she screams in anger and disbelief.

However, instead of helping each other, Fredo and Banak are having arguments. So she commands a soldier to kill Orga and frame-up Dyesebel.

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Dyesebel has gone to Barrio Mabaklad where she finds a group famous for their renowned marine-inspired ornaments. The Legal Wife — March 5, Even Liro and other mermaids cannot defend her. He is doing this because of anger and revenge against humans.

Lucia opens a small wooden coffin and it has a skeleton of a baby mermaid with a shell necklace on top.

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On the other hand, Banak feels worried about her daughter who does not come home since she left. Banak and the rest of the kingdom are happy upon seeing them safe. She is asking for her freedom but she can’t escape because she needs to be studied so that humans can defend themselves against mermaids. Soon, the news will reach Queen Dyangga and Dyesebel is doomed. Unfortunately, someone discovers Tino’s secret, and spreads it to the entire village.

Two soldiers have been accused of conniving with humans in episoode precious pearls from the kingdom.