The longer ; the crystal, the greater the quantity of electricity j produced in proportion. They enter largely into the workmanship of the red silk cloths whereon the rich men sit, as also into that of any apparel which they use for covering their body. Very warm water may spoil the gems. Among the military crowns, the mural, civic and naval crowns were made of gold. The substance is of a pale Buby colour by transmitted light, and of a pale opaque green by reflected light. It is used also for beads for rosaries. On the annexation of the Funjaub in it was stipulated that the Koh-i-noor should be surrendered to the Queen of England, who received it from the East India Company in

The names of the best specimen of Sapphire are Nild, Nikhddduti of the color of the wings of the bird known in Burmah as Nihhd , and Seiyaim of a faint tinge of green. The triumphal crowns, originally of laurel, were finally transformed to gold. The defects peculiar to the Ruby are also recognized in the Sapphire. One of its chief virtues lies in its power of converting all watery substances into dry matter. It is not the I heat but the change of temperature it causes, that j produces the electricity. Parure of Pearls Collar

The grandeur of the. Instances are known of finger- rings mode entirely of glass. It is simply an error on the part of European writers on jewelry to assert that the use of stones externally or internally has no practical influence over the human streaning or mind. Arabic, Fermuj; Ptrtian, Ferotd. Such as are dressed in red wear the yellow stone, i. They were also used by men as rewards for military prowess.

By the term organized are j I meant those objects which consist of several dif- I ferent parts, all varying with one another in regard I to their structure, position and functions, hut so 1 constituted that if you take away one, the body to which it belongs would be destroyed or at least! Smg-e-shum —It is divided into two classes. Each of the two varieties is divided into three classes, viz. These are all sma.


The possessor of an Emerald would never become poor. Mixed with balsam oil, it cures deafiiess, when applied inside the ears. The Jewish law demanded too that they should be of a certain value, and to provq this to be the case, they were before the ceremony submitted to an examination. The custom of dedicating also obtained in siberianz Middle Ages. Those that are seen in the latter countries are softer and a shade blacker.

The large basins, strsaming worked vases, and other things, useful or ornamental, that come from China, are marvellous specimens of the art, and possess this superionty over those manufactured in Europe, that they receive no injury by the action of boiling water. Pearls and streamibg stones. Imni —Its color is deep red with a tinge of blackishness.

Within their substance, they contained rough designs cut out of a solid piece of gold leaf laid between two pieces of glass afterwards fused together and made into a compact body. It looks like the Zubur- zud. Devaki bestowed gems, pearls, gold, rubies, diamonds and fire-proof white strreaming, to Nanda.

Worn over the belly, it cures all stomach-complaints; over the throat of infants, it stops their cries and protects them from fear and sudden starts while asleep. The use of Pearls conduces to contentment of mind and to strength of body and soul. The necklace was in the meantime taken away to London, where it was sold by pieces, the money obtained by the sale being deposited in the Bank of England under a false name.

According to some, it is from stremaing to 8 barley-corns. The City of the Yakshya Purna-vadra, described incidentally. Amongst the crystals which become electric I by pressure, to a very high degree, may be mentioned the Iceland Spar. Prom the 4th century the ring has been considered as a symbol of clerical dignity. I Beauty of Virajd.

In India, this ornament is used by both the sexes. The Russians have a very good Diamond known as the Orloff. But the degree of doubly refractive power inherent in the calcspar being seldom met with in any other Mineral, it be- domes a matter of great difficulty to ascertam it in any better way than with the polarized light.


The first carat of the Ruby was put down at 10 louis ; of the Ruby of 2 carats, at 40; of 3, at ; of 4, at It is a relic of the regular Byzantine art, and is formed by a broad flat band of fine gold, from which springs an j arch supporting a cross. A cup formed out of this stone neutralizes the effects of poison that may be mixed with the thing placed in strdaming.

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The needle has then acquired a negative elec- I tricity, and will be attracted by a positive electric crystal and repelled by a negative one. Afahie and Persian, Mutjdn ; Eindi, Mngd. The wearing of gemmed ornaments brings I respect, fame, longevity, wealth, happiness, strength I and fruition. He sprinkled on Kdrtikeya the waters of all the sacred spots, contained in a hundred gemmed vessels.

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Sung-mukfi —Color, black, with a tinge of white. These are mostly the bottoms of cups, placed with the dead to contain the sacrament. Muk-ndtis —Color, white, with a tinge of black. It frees the atmosphere from the pollution engendered by cholera. Process of burning Basud. Nurim —A variety of the Ruby. It confers wealth and victory.

A very small piece of gilt paper attached by a silk thread to a bent glass rod, forms a simple apparatus which will exhibit the electricity a Mineral has thus acquired: