Baek Ahn apologized for being late and Ta-hwan issued him the order to capture the traitor, Yeon-chul. Tutot Jang read the award list, starting with Baek Ahn, who was appointed as the new Great Chancellor. That is why I say love is complicated. Maha thought that Yoo saw him as a pitiful child but Yoo said that in order for him not to be treated like that, he had to be stronger. Seung-nyang waited until Ta-hwan was right in front of her and she was about to pull out her knife when Dangkise approached her, offering her the last chance to get out from the place and follow him. She asked what was wrong and Ta-hwan suddenly choked her, accusing her of trying to kill him. So now the can kill him by themselves, We don’t care.

TH still has no real power. So a topic like Maha is a no go. The officials accepted her invitation and she thanked them for coming but they were only served with plain water. Yoo had a wooden sword fight with Baek Ahn and this was probably a regular activity for them since Yoo said that it would be the last time they did so. Seung-nyang tried to hide her face but Ta-hwan seemed to be able to recognize her. Of course those two would choose the latter.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Ifshe turned out to be wrong, Seung-nyang promised to shave her hair and live the rest of her life at a temple. Ahhh…Maha was still addressing Ta-hwan as his father but soon changed it. Ta-hwan was lying down on his bed unconscious while Seung-nyang continued to stay beside him.

She has been trying so hard to hold on to power and it was so easily taken away. I just wanted to show her just a little. Either you die or Yangi-ah does. Later, Yom Byungsu is sentenced to death. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Empress Ki: Eps – the talking cupboard

He is still immature and insecure. Eunuch Park noted that even the Dowager was suspicious this time. He also told them to spread the news about the counterfeits; but then, Yoo got to know that Taltal wished to meet him.


Ta-hwan appeared as if he was summoned and she asked him mockingly, whether he cupboxrd satisfied to humiliate her family like that. She divided the task to be done: This was one of the best episodes of the series for me due to all the feels brought to my eyes through all the scenes with Ki and Wang Yoo.

“Empress Ki” Episode 50 – Wedded Bliss? | Couch Kimchi

He offered Bi-soo to handle the trade with other countries and she asked for Goryeo ginseng and silk to be traded. Correct exposure Photojournalism Seung-nyang also got to know that Ta-hwan was going to sleep at the harem that night and vowed to turn his first night into his funeral.

In the preview, Ta-hwan had promised to send the poison to her but anything can happen, such as Dangkise suddenly attacking the capital before her death.

She tried to persuade him again into rmpress his decision, afraid that the citizens would blame him for going into a war despite the difficulties faced by them. Hence, Ta-hwan informed them that he would make the old man order the force himself.

Empress Ki: Eps 38-39

Surprisingly though, it seemed TaHwan handled the situation fairly well. Going back to her first making love with Taehan, will it mean she loves Taehan now or she maybe loves the emperor but the intensity can’t be compared with what she feels with Wang Yu?

My little sister, please forgive this weak brother of yours. He reached the gate but it was closed, leaving him to pound on the gate repeatedly. Of course those two would choose the latter.

Yoo was more concerned on Maha and Eunuch Bang told him not to worry over someone not related to him but he was! He had got his hand on a secret letter allegedly sent to Lady Ki from Wang Yoo.


Grey hello, thanks for sharing your opinions and you are right once upon a time while wat hing empress ki, i was torn between wang you and taehan. Yoo wanted to meet Taltal before he left for Goryeo, but the latter was already at the mountain, determined to go after Dangkise after finding out that the treasure had been taken away. In the letter, Dangkise expressed his wish to meet the leader since he was planning to kill the Emperor and Consort Ki.

The poor boy was forced to choose side and he walked towards Byung-soo before Dok-man screamed at him, telling the Prince that those were the people who were trying to kill him. Ayu ran into her arms, telling her not to leave him by himself anymore.

Wang Yu and SeungNyang finally consummate their relationship. She received the message from Yoo, asking to meet her at a temple outside the palace. In their last encounter, although wearing her iron lady mask, Seung Nyang warned Wang Yu, about El temur’s trick which might be shifted to him, so. Thinking that after this episode, Seung nyan and Wang yu will soon find out about Byul made me stick to the drama He has my sympathy for loving Seung nyang so much and yet he knew who she really loves, but I know Seung nyang’s heart will soon melt for him but she will be torn, between him and the father of her child, Wang Yu, or she already set aside the feeling, and focus on her revenge