There’s going to be one right? So how should I choose? He orders him to offer himself as a servant to the king, to become his shadow and protect the throne. Ki Chul orders the minion to offer Choi Young anything he wants to bring him over to the dark side. The directing is slightly off, especially during that fight btw. It was an already established organization. Choi Young consults Jang Bin about the bloody evidence found at the crime scene, and asks if he can test it to find out anything from the blood.

In a place where people double cross one another to gain more power and wealth, where trust is not easily won or given, it would make their relationship even more beautiful than a romantic one. We don’t know what their motivations are behind being evil. Doc Jang is really Can you please shut that mouth? I heard that if I went to look for you guys, you guys would hide even deeper. Betty August 22, at 8: OmG,her character actually annoys me. That side doesn’t hurt as much.

The Great Doctor

You say it’s only to follow the king’s order. It is hard for her to imagine that she could be in a different time period and that to me explains her behavior and her “antics” if we can call it that.

If I give it back, what are you going to do? Sorrow turned to Bitterness. My skill is still pretty good.


신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Just dizzy and change direction like that Now I’m going to go and watch the show. Not sure what it is. Somebody stop this pig!

Doctkr this person first, your Majesty. Hi from Malaysia and thank you. Bengbeng August 21, at 9: Princess Noguk walks down the hall with Choi Young and the court ladies in tow, and she asks if everyone in the kingdom wants the king and queen to die.

I’ve been googling yahooing the love story of Gongmin and Noguk and it was Awesome if Wikipedia is correct. It means a Happily Ever After. Certainly there are a lot of fantasy dramas in kdrama-land recently and hopefully the villians are written more intelligently and please, don’t give us noble idiocracies as this century is very much about being true to one-self in many ways other than being an idiot.

I always write it that way. I have what he wants.

Betty August 22, at 9: Go take a look at the medical hall. How long has she been with KC?

Watch Korean Drama: Faith Ep 4 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

The people with dots here, investigate where they are. Because their eyes DID all the talking. But Eun Soo is adorable. Megan August 21, at 8: ALong with him are his pledged brother and sister who are very skillful. I heart Eun Soo. The backstory of the great warrior was wonderful.


Should have gone to Gunsong hall, I just saw her going in there. I really hope they fakth take that turn She brings a tray of herbs for Choi Fauth, and Eun-soo curiously picks one up. Kimchidrama loads very fast and translation seems more accurate. What’s up with you? Hey Scumbag, maybe it’s because you take their money to fund your philandering ways, kill their sons, and rape their daughters?

Another remarkable thing about Faith is that all those sweet gestures were played out so well. Not even a taste? The feeling will be different if we have other actors playing the leads you know. A little simpler, Tbe don’t understand. Bleeding from one eye, he tells Choi Young to back off. Sometimes, we witness the beginning stages of burgeoning love, that doesn’t mean that the relationship itself dkctor started the physical part of it.