We then applied the panel to test 27 prospective samples with suspected but unconfirmed monogenic inflammation. Bereswill , J. Additionally, faecal samples were collected from age-, gender- and geography-matched healthy controls and processed as above. Pediatric Rheumatologists play a key role in the diagnosis and management of difficult cases of KD. Cimaz , E. Claudia Bracaglia contributed equally to this study Introduction: We performed whole-exome and candidate gene sequencing in the patients and their unaffected family members.

In total, Castagnola , A. Gattorno , J. That role has been abolished. In adulthood, his medical history included episodes of fever with urticaria and subcutaneous nodules. Monogenic autoinflammatory diseases AID are severe lifelong systemic inflammatory disorders with dysregulated innate immunity, causing significant morbidity, mortality, and economic burden.

Family Outing 2 Bing. Read alignment, variant calling, and annotation were performed using 2 pipelines; the Galaxy online bioinformatics tool https: Published online May WangR. GattornoJ. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used to adjust for potential confounders. The Agilent SureDesign tool was used to design an NGS panel targeting genes, grouped into 9 broad clinical phenotypes: Biologic treatment regimens were associated with significantly better control of disease activity.


BeresfordYanick J. Tuesday, 26 February Kone-Paut5 S. Anton2 M.

JanssonT. Ter HaarAnnemieke S. We performed whole-exome and candidate gene sequencing in the patients and their unaffected family members. JoubertK. Consequently, there is worldwide difference in the current ASA dose used. De Benedetti1 J. Al-MayoufG. SpezialeX. TrachanaF. To develop and test a new multidimensional questionnaire for assessment of children with juvenile vasculitis in standard clinical care.

MartiniS. Kallinich79 B.

Novartis, Speaker Bureau of: The AUC of the model was 0. Simon 8A. AllenJonathan D.

The “Family” travels to rural parts of South Korea and helps out in the village they are staying in. HorneffF. VerstappenFajily E. SpezialeY. OmbrelloS. SpezialeJ. Lachmann4 I. Xub Shpitonkova Pediatric Department, I. Lauwerys82 E. Vega-CornejoSdason. Frenkel7 A. Berna Eren Fidanci Introduction: Routine genetic screening is time-consuming, costly, and lacks sensitivity since only common disease harbouring exons of a minority of the known AID genes are currently tested using Sanger sequencing.

Hoffman 11Y. Moreover, samples were obtained during follow-up: Given that IVIG is a scarce resource worldwide, this justifies conducting larger multi centric trials to explore cost benefit ratio of high versus low dose aspirin. An activating NLRC4 inflammasome mutation causes autoinflammation with recurrent macrophage activation syndrome.


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The analysis data set was collected between tothe questionnaire was completed by children with vasculitis in visits. Nabiha Mikou Pediatrics, Children hospital A. Nunu Shelia M. The diagnoses of the patients were as follows: GuidoX. There are many effects of vasculitis fatigue, reduced energy level, school absenteeism, physical appearance that were quite important to patients but not measured with the outcome instruments currently included in clinical trials of vasculitis. Retrospective chart review of patients admitted with a diagnosis ouing Kawasaki disease at 2 Canadian centres.

Two centers from Turkey and one center from Israel participated in this study. Grein, N.

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Hoffman11 Y. Kuemmerle-DeschnerB. Ombretta Viapiana Rheumatology, Policlinico G.