I was going to watch Twelve Men in a year but waiting for subs that never appear. We then see him wearing the same necklace from the flashback in the present, right before we flash right back to the past. Yoon Gi Won Supporting Cast. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode, got me interested to watch the second. She closes her eyes and braces herself, and even when Mom grabs her hair and puts the scissors to her head, she says nothing in protest.

Meanwhile Mom happily tells Se-young to wait for Yoon-jae to return to his old self. I think we are always waiting for that body swap moment where KKJ’s soul is going to return to his body and vice versa. Ga-young tries to defend herself, but Madam Jo has already pinned her as the culprit. By jinkzzmec Started January 13, Why the hell does Mari know more about the brothers than Da Ran does? I had grown attached to his little hole-in-the-wall store and the kind, chatty ahjummas. I’m not sure what to think of this show. It means there is something to be gained from an open ending that usually people won’t get.

She should have that Croc necklace strangle her. However, I wasn’t thrown off by the gangsters or the fire or the wife beating. Sorry for the loooong comment Ga Young apologizes again and walks out on him.

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She then tells Madam Jo to butt out and stop concerning herself with Jae Hyuk. Such a difference from now where he just sleeps and stays quiet. When asked about Ga-young applying to a New York fashion school she carefully avoids the topic, as it seems that her daughter applied to the same school with unknown results. She even bought him a hat as a gift to thank him for letting her go on the trip.

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I’m happy I stopped watching Big somewhere in the middle, so I’m not too disappointed. The two then happily walk around on their little lunch date, with Young Gul sneaking in kisses wherever he can.


Whit this ending nothing makes sense. He remembers the conversation where she told him about how Madam Jo tormented her for 10 years and feels bad about how he casually said that everyone has scares like that.

In my opinion, Yuri’s acting wasn’t horrible. Big also offered us cotton candy but the plot kind of stagnated and then rushed kiing in the last episode Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Anna tells her that Young Gul might be a rising star now, but if he gets too cocky his stock will fall just as quickly as it went up.

I love YAI but still, I wasn’t interested in this. I had some doubts about Jae-hyuk as a character, because on paper he filled all the necessary requirements for a normal, overdone chaebol second lead.

Pat July 24, at Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung has this spark though: And I really really really really wanted Shin to have more screen time!! What a way to completely ruin what could have otherwise been a great drama.

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I feel like somehow every step of the way, the show never got a step ahead, never surprised me. Let the ragefest begin! To celebrate, she goes out to dinner kinf Jae Hyuk, his dad, and Director Kim. Oh and I think the ending does treat the viewer as smart I got so frustrated with Best Love.

Ga-young tries to epissode herself, but Madam Jo has already pinned her as the culprit. Having an open ending does not automatically mean the viewers are being asked to use their brains.

What about the mysteries? I just don’t understand why it’s still done this way, it completely ruins the show. Well, let’s assume you’re wrong, ’cause I never liked Hong sisters dramas I didn’t even know that the shallow screenplays I’ve seen are thairs, before reading the comments for this show. It had decent ratings, dramacrwzy it’s partially because there wasn’t much competition. So many ways this drama went awry, and sadly, I think it began at the roots. I hope the writing improves because I’ll continue to watch this til the end.


Also a Hong Sisters trademark. Oooh, I do like JH as the jerk.

OldladyluvHJW July 25, at 8: This, too, was illuminated through lines like you can go around her house in the US in 15 minutes by Helicopter. I would’ve bought that plot point if she called the university from Korea and found that out about the Madam. See episode 1, schoolyard scene for the large change Then you have KKJ This is the more fashio, appreciative older guy benefiting from the cloak of past memories laid out by the younger one, making her more patient and receptive to fashioon a relationship based on true love rather than duties, expectations from othersthat’s all.

I need to find a way to move the H2M to a public place in FB without having to upload all of them again. No, if you back track your episodes back to episode 1, take away that expectation that it will be weak characters and sweeping events with over the top humor, you are left with a drama where it actually does work to the very end.

I enjoyed reading the recaps and was hoping it would get better and have a satisfactory resolution. I watched the 2nd episode and the location is transferred in New York at Manhattan area. This drama was a fail, I checked out like 8 episodes ago. He even gives Young-gul some money to get something to eat. Anyway Fahion King fighting!!!

I never thought I’d say this but Cruelsummer March 21, at