I have been teaching, researching and writing about media education and media learning for more than fifteen years and worked with Professor David Buckingham on a three-year developing media literacy project from I am interested in media education, communication technologies and good practices. Since she is a member of Arton Team as a curator and expert of digitalization. Polish Film Institute, film education coordinator Poland www. The use of “Shoah” is intended to restrict “Holocaust” to Jews only and not include other victims. Veronique de Leener Maks vzw Director Belgium www. Furthermore, since , all legitimate property claims of private individuals can be freely pursued before the Polish courts in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

Seen her interest in social and political affairs she has a Manama in Conflict and Development, therefore she was living in Amman Jordan to write her thesis about Iraqi refugees. He edits the Media Education Research Journal and the Journal of Media Practice, runs a doctoral programme for media educators and a special interest group in media literacy research for the United Kingdom Literacy Association. President’s Plenipotentiary for Cultural Education Poland www. I am a teacher, writer and journalist. For 5 years I have been cooperating with local newspapers “Gazeta Rumska” and “Goniec Rumski” in the field of the promotion of the school’s initiatives and students’ achievements. Paper Moon develops educational projects about cinema for different schools cycles from Nursery schools to University. Mark Higham is a cultural educator and film literacy expert. Several documents aimed on improvement of media regulation, e.

Gomiec accordance with Article IV of the Treaty, the United States agreed to fully indemnify Poland for any property claims of US nationals, which occurred on or before the entry into force of the Treaty.

Doctoral candidate at Faculty of political sciences in Belgrade, Media and Culture department.

Views Read Edit View history. That money would be wasted because most of the work has already onnline done. He is also responsible for the identification and management of funds for European financing direct and indirect. She studied culture studies and applied social sciences at Warsaw University. I hold BA in political science, Major in mass communication and public opinion.


Doc-Air, production manager Czech Republic www. We promote the media products made by children and goniwc in events, social media and in different festivals for youth.

Pnline is a list of online newspaper archives and some magazines and journals, including both free and pay wall blocked digital archives. Such treatment of the Polish victims of German WWII genocide borders on genocide denial and is not only illegal but also morally repugnant, grossly unjust, and hence contradictory to the stated objectives of the Bills.

Mediacentar Sarajevo, Executive director Bosnia and Herzegovina www. For tickets and information please visit Ognisko website: Maks vzw Director Belgium www.

Komat Androulla Continuum

I’ve been working with media and information in an educational context for a few years now. For 5 years I have been cooperating with local newspapers “Gazeta Rumska” and “Goniec Rumski” in the field of the promotion of the school’s initiatives and students’ achievements. Prawo w Kanadzie 1 2 3 Prev Next. The Bills introduce a precarious precedence of “heirless property” compensation that is contrary to the Western legal tradition and principles of jurisprudence.

Head of Arton Foundation in Warsaw. Media Education Centre, President Serbia www. I am responsible for teacher trainings of the application of information and communication technologies in education.

My name is Cheryl Mackie, I have been a performing arts tutor for the past 5 years. Psychologist, trainer and project coordinator at Stowarzyszenie Q Zmianom. So grateful and happy that we met and that I could share your story and above all – for our friendship!


In my work I try to impart knowledge of comparative culture texts. The main objective of folm project is to start a catalogue of European films for children, with accompanying educational materials, and to facilitate educational distribution to reach as many pre-schools, schools and young audiences with these films and learning materials, with as many European partners and in as many European countries as possible. More than 11 years in media and PR. The United States shall not discriminate against racial, ethnic or religious groups whose members may be ggoniec the exact same situation as Jews.


Baltic Creative United Kingdom www. He worked in London, Milan and Brussels for both private and public broadcasters, advertising fiilm public institutions.

I’m a co – founder of Fundacja Dobrego Odbioru, a non profit organisation that provides media literacy resources website www. I graduated as journalist at with a master project that consisted from 65 educational videos. Erika is the Chair of Baltic Creative a company that provides high quality work space for digital media companies. Thousands of people with legitimate title claims – regardless of their ethnic origin – have recovered their properties in Poland pursuant to the private property law.

If there are no heirs, the property is not “wrongfully seized or transferred. Arton Foundation, curator, expert of digitalization Poland www. Movies of Quay Brothers was edited together with Kuba Mikurda, Let’s change it all about children’s street protests with Katarzyna Roj.

The results are presented at the also biennial Apestaartjaren conference, where about participants get updated concerning youngsters and digital media. She developed her skills in the management of relational laboratories through mentoring activities, building up her organizational and decision-making skills and becoming a careful observer of group dynamics.

Turystyka 1 2 3 Prev Next. As a lecturer, shares knowledge of media, media literacy and soft skills with students at home and abroad. Mediaraven, Coordinator Belgium www. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.