Meanwhile, Laura is depressed that Carl and Steve won’t attend one of the last meetings they planned earlier on. Laura decides to go to the school dance with the class hunk Jimmy, and she encourages Steve to take Myra as his date. At the end of the episode, he gets his own Valentine’s surprise in Myra dressed as a polka cupid. When Eddie tries to defend himself, she recalls two previous incidents that proves her point. Self-proclaimed handyman Carl tries to install a shower in Mother Winslow’s quarters while she’s out of town, visiting Carl’s brother, and he gets Eddie to help him, but it turns into one disaster after another. Meanwhile, Urkel is robbed and gets the hiccups.

Laura is named the new cheerleading captain, while Cassie Lynn is kicked out of the cheering squad for her lack of effort. Wanting his friend to stay out of trouble, Steve takes the fall. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Laura and Judy help Harriette and Rachel work things out. There, the two bring out several “proofs” and “testimonies,” some of which even fake, but before the judge can decide, Steve’s speech finally makes Carl realize that it doesn’t matter if it was “just a stupid bug,” because it was of much greater importance to Steve. However, Myrtle shows up, hungrier than ever for Eddie’s affections. Laura becomes further annoyed and angry with Steve, accusing him of once again butting into her romance with Daniel Wallace Bumper Robinson. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Meanwhile, Carl gets annoyed as Fletcher and Estelle continually express love for each other in public, which is something he never does with Harriette.

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A depressed Carl plays basketball in the school’s gym. Add to Watchlist Added. Carl and Harriette later discipline Eddie and Laura after Judy snitches on them, with the photos to back up her claims. He proves to be a good match for Buck famioy comes close to winning the money. It was pretty funny how he broke the window, regardless of his special bond with Eddie.

Afterwards, Laura is happy to have Steve back and swears she never want to see the shallow Stefan again. When the truth comes out, Harriette is unsure if she could forgive Jimmy and admits her resentment for his actions in leaving their family.

However, Mother Winslow encourages Laura to continue fighting for what she believes in after revealing her own encounter with racism when she was young.


Their fighting escalates with a pie fight, with Steve taking the hit. So when Eddie is pulled over for a traffic violation, he says he was the victim episkde racial profiling by a pair of overzealous police.

Add the first question. And the other story wasn’t that great Although feeling bad about it, Eddie refuses to confess until Laura gives him an ultimatum: This article needs additional citations for verification.

Eddie and Urkel become partners in a 2-on-2 basketball tournament When family tries to break them up from fighting, Waldo comes up with a great idea. When Carl comes for a visit, Steve proves to be a helping hand to get him and Eddie to reconcile. Meanwhile, Harriette and Laura have it out when she starts coming in past curfew. Meanwhile, Urkel seeks advice from Estelle when he needs her help in avoiding Myra, who wants Urkel to commit to her. When she tells Harreitte about it, Laura is reprimanded for not listening to her friends and is told to apologize to them at once.

When his parents go out of town unannounced, Steve is invited to stay with the Winslows. Meanwhile, Rachel tries her hand at being a chef but soon finds that she’s not cut out for being a chef, especially when the rest of the Winslows grow tired of trying a disaster of a brioche. Laura recognizes the girl from her class and is humiliated when she realizes that Mark had not only lied to her, but is also a two-timer. The horrible experience teaches Laura a valuable lesson and she asks Tyrone to let her relive the moment when Steve came to pick her up to apologize to him.

Laura is furious at Rodney. Laura becomes further annoyed and angry with Steve, accusing him of once again butting into her romance with Daniel Wallace Bumper Robinson. Laura, scared for her life, decides she needs to buy a gun for self-defense, even though Urkel begs her to reconsider. Urkel, still pining for Laura’s heart, renovates his Stefan Urquelle alter ego by inventing a transformation chamber and a chemical to improve his boss sauce to allow him to maintain Urkel’s sensitivity towards others.

But his original plan for a huge bash might come to fruition anyway, since Eddie had planned a huge house party for a weekend his parents would be out of town. Share this Rating Title: After Steve accidentally burns down Leroy’s, the local teen hangout, Rachel, with Steve’s help, wants to open up her own diner and call it Rachel’s Place.


When Carl tells Capt. Steve faces expulsion from school when he colludes with Eddie who didn’t study to cheat on a chemistry test against Waldo’s admonition in the latter.

Laura finally gets the courage to ask a guy named Mark to the dance, and she confronts Carl and Eddie about their actions. His situation turns worse when Waldo refuses to offers let Eddie to move in with him, as he had previously insulted and hurt Waldo while intoxicated.

When Eddie moves back home, Steve comes for a visit one last time to bid the Winslows farewell. And to pass physical education, matteers must pass a simple swimming test. But his new attitude soon causes more problems than it solves. Steve partners with an old lady, Grandmama. Laura defends classmate Steve in a student trial when he is accused of blowing up the science laboratory.

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The teacher is so upset that she later confides in Steve, who recommends that she pay a visit to this family, unaware that she is talking about the Winslows.

Urkel fights temptation as he fantasizes about a beautiful bug collector Amy Hunter he met in an online chat room. Steve’s ventriloquist dummy comes to life on Halloween, wreaking havoc in the Winslow household.

Having ignored Mother Winslow’s previous warning not to push her, the rest of the family must endure fending for themselves. In Eddie’s case, he is wooed by a slick-talking graandmama recruiter, who wants him only for his basketball skills and not his meager academic credentials.

Family Matters – S05 E07 Grandmama

Rachel convinces Harriette for them to take a spin, but they come mafters with a damaged fender. Steve Urkel Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Danger is paid to protect supper club owner Rachel, who is targeted by an assassin. He is able to convince her that they can do the election fairly by letting the other students vote and decide for themselves.

Steve revamps his Urkelbot into a crime-fighting bot, encouraging Carl to use the technology to solve a rash of fammily store burglaries.