Eddie and KT go up to stop the ceremony. However, the quest becomes even more dangerous because Victor is now closer than ever to discovering the tunnels. Patricia leaves a note so Alfie thinks the aliens left, along with the artifact. Trudy calls a doctor to help her get her memory back, but a desperate Vera decides to intervene by canceling Trudy’s real appointment and asking someone to pretend to be her doctor. Sibuna’s next task is a deadly Egyptian version of hopscotch. Fabian tries to tell Nina about Victor and Vera’s plan but forgets.

Fabian and Nina near the end of their search but still have one more place to look for the last puzzle piece, which is in the stuffed black crow in Victor’s office. Meanwhile, Jerome shifts his allegiance to Amber’s campaign. Upon hearing this, Victor is devastated. The Sibunas go into the doorway in the tunnels, while Victor, Sweet, and Denby listen to music from the cylinders in Victor’s office. Nina and Fabian explore the first task, set by Sarah’s father, Robert Frobisher-Smythe, in the tunnels. Trudy is having strange dreams.

Fabian tells KT that Alfie is a sinner and Alfie continues to chase after them. KT goes to the Gatehouse looking for answers but may get more than she hoped for Vera, the new house mother, and Jasper have a secret meeting.

House of Anubis S02E21,E22 – House of Pressure & House of Deja Vu

In addition, Patricia listens in on a conversation in the staff room which reveals that something has happened to Joy — and the teachers are involved with the conspiracy. When they go, Amber is waiting, and explains that she gave Victor a fake parcel with one of Patricia’s bracelets and some of KT’s fortune cookie messages. She tells Piper seaason go as her and tells her that Mr. Alfie draws the short straw, but this time he will have a walkie talkie seasno maintain radio contact.

She meets her roommate, Patricia, and tries her best to settle in.

He startles Nina, causing her to knock a box off the table. Patricia meets with Dr. Everyone throws Mick a surprise party, but Mara decides not to go.

Later, Patricia and Eddie agree to meet somewhere and make up, but the adults trick them and trap Eddie in Frobisher’s tomb. Nina then tells the other members of Sibuna that the remaining puzzle pieces must be carried with them at all times and to protect them with their life. Jerome and Alfie bet Eddie that he cannot convince Patricia to dance, and Eddie wins, causing Jerome to reap the consequences.


Victor even catches Nina doing something, which ruins everything. Nina’s grandmother comes to visit the house. When confronted, Chaoyang admits that the room used to belong to his ex-wife, who has mysteriously disappeared for five years Nina sees Victor Rodenmaar Sr. Patricia is working at the Open Day so at least one of them is there.

The Sibunas need to find six mysterious reflectors. Nina thinks that the house may be coming to life because Egyptians thought that all objects were alive.

House Of Anubis – Season 2

He demands that Alfie repay him by secretly passing him information on Sibuna. Sibuna finds an antechamber and several amulets. However, Victor knows this too, and the Chosen Hour is almost upon them.

While getting out of the tunnels, Patricia sees Eddie and Mara together and yells Because Fabian said that he did not have any mark to Nina earlier, she becomes mad at him. Jerome realizes that the Gem is missing and tells Mr. Alfie tells the gang he remembered the teachers’ spooky rituals from the cellar, and they discover the next clue hidden inside a fake phonograph cylinder in the attic.

Patricia and Fabian begin to suspect KT of working for Victor because of the mysterious key she has. When she sees him, she calls him a murderer, but then has various flashbacks from the past when she used to live in the house, including one in which she and Victor had been friends. He also says that one of the Sibuna members smashed the houae. KT finds a more accessible way into the secret room, which is underneath her. Nina and Fabian sneak back into the attic sason listen to the cylinders, but it makes a loud screeching sound and they have to abandon their plans.

Jerome believes Vera has stolen the dollhouse and 21-22 and Fabian realize that Vera is after the Mask. While visiting Alfie in hospital, Patricia finds Rufus in a catatonic state. The story of the Welsh international football teams rise through the FIFA World Rankings, and onto their first international tournament for 58 years.


After pressure from Mick’s father, Victor removes the cameras and reinstates Trudy. The Sibunas are alarmed to discover that Victor has his own amulet.

Patricia steals the puzzle piece back from Alfie, and tells Fabian about it. Frobisher finally episose up and as the Sibunas predicted, he’s evil.

Jerome looks for his father’s gem but fails to locate it. It premiered in April Trailer Turn off light Report. When she tells Patricia and Fabian this, Patricia thinks he is going to kill Joy; however, he actually meant Rufus. Frobisher enters Fabian’s room, plays at being sick, and tricks him into going to the gatehouse with him, and Fabian believes him.

House of Anubis – S02 – E23&E24 – House of Hoods & House of Deceit – video dailymotion

Later on, Fabian decides to go to the library and sees an object missing. Harriet and Eddie hide as the others, KT and Willow try episoee take the key off of her. Nina figures out how to make the mysterious cube into a key to unlock the first door in the tunnels and soon, Sibuna faces their next task: Meanwhile, Eddie remembers the name of Jerome’s “uncle” — but he doesn’t understand why Patricia is so alarmed. The ceremony begins along with the eclipse. But Dixon’s vicious nature will get the better of him.

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Willow then reveals to Mara that Joy fell for Jerome and he dumped her. Victor, Denby, and Sweet are talking about the final “riddle”, ‘The greatest treasure is worn with pride’, which they think refers to the bracelet. Patricia calls Eddie Mr Sweet’s pet and best bouse. The Sibunas learn that Eddie had backup files on a USB drive, even though they tried to infect the picture files on his computer, so Nina dispatches her friends on different missions; Fabian has to try to convince Joy not to run the story, Patricia must apologize to Eddie, and Amber and Alfie must steal Eddie’s camera.