When Shashi gets hysterical, Shyam stops him from taking his medicine. Nani refuses to let Lavanya stay with them any longer, but the latter shocks everybody by proposing to Arnav. What will Arnav do? Will Arnav appreciate her gesture? Shashi reveals his doubts about Shyam to Garima. Arnav says, Laad Governor.

Later, Shyam hints Madhumati for Khushi and his marriage. Khushi tries to explain. Later, Anjali asks Khushi to explain Janmashtami to Lavanya. The family threaten to call off the wedding, but the groom intervenes and saves the marriage. Will Khushi get the papers back? Sections of this page. Nani declares that the winner will get a forty-year-old Natraj idol as the award. There are many Designer Salwar Kameez in our site

Arnav warns Shyam not to go near Khushi now as she is his wife. Nani refuses to talk to Khushi.

Later, Arnav yells at Khushi for being unsure about her decisions. Shyam arrivest the temple and helps his wife, Anjali, break her fast.

Anjali calls a family meeting witu announces that Khushi will not be accepted as a daughter-in-law of the Raizada family until the ritual is performed subtjtles per the custom.

Later, she receives Diwali gifts from Anjali. Meanwhile, Manorama is all excited to welcome their special guest from Sydney, Nanda Kishore. Anjali is delighted to see the surprise Shyam plans for her. Why is Arnav hostile towards Khushi? Arnav isquiet and she asks him why are you quiet now?


Bua and Khushi are seen pushing a box somewhere with costumes for their dances. Payal disowns Khushi for humiliating their family and refusing to give a reason for her actions. Meanwhile, Anjali and Lavanya are busy buying jewellery for the engagement. Later, Shyam offers help with the money to be paid to Anjali.

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Akash apologises to Payal for hiding the truth about her broken wedding from Manorama. Anjali opens it and sees anexpensive gift. Madhumati asks Khushi to wear her old wedding dress on the wedding day.

Meanwhile, Manorama is shocked when she sees Akash lifting Payal. Arnav buys a family home. He tells her that Akash will sign the divorce papers. Anjali informs about the accident and requests not to tell Shyam, Akash and Gupta family.

While Akash is upset as Jss refuses to talk to him, Shyam eipsode Shashi’s oxygen supply.

Khushi requests Shyam to help her look for a job. Anjali is alarmed when she sees Arnav’s injured hand. Anjali is very moved by Shyam helping her to break her fast. How will they handle the demand for dowry?

Khushi feels guilty about accusing him. Khushi is disinterested nam Arnav’s engagement and tells him that. Arnav feels sad to see her being ignored by her family and insulted by Manorama. Anjali says, me too. Manorama demands to get her mehendi don first.

Shyam Tries To Harm Anjali

Anjali is worried as Shyam is absent from the puja. She tells Khushi about Arnav’s fear of love.


That will be valuable to everyone who uses it, including myself. Anjali says, I justwant to stay closer to you and never get apart.

Garima is taking out the bags. She breaks her piggy bank to buy Holi powder and toys for Payal. Here is the Link: She dreams of taking revenge. Khushi without informing Madhumita meets Shyam and by coincidence Madhumita reaches the same market.

Later, Arnav shocks her when he agrees to marry Lavanya in front of the guests. Meanwhile, Khushi keeps irritating Arnav to force him to send her home.

Arnav avoids her in office. On the other hand, Shyam tries to convince Khushi to go back to Lucknow. Manorama claims that Payal had not only stolen Akash from her but also her position as the daughter-in-law of the Raizada family. How will Shyam fit in? She is worried about the dowry her fiance’s parents are demanding.