They are surprisingly useful and through them we learn that Yuuma is troubled on how he should answer Akari’s confession and she is worried if she should ask him about it or not. Both pets then used their magic to project an image of Alma and Akari together as Opal is amazed. Not wanting her to be consumed by battest Alma, Yuuma, Labra, and Ruby all chant Fealina’s smile spell together freeing Akari who uses the spell and brings back Diana and Opal and repels battest from Jewel Land once and for all with a little help from her friends of course. Jewelpet Sunshine – M-kage is needed once again ratlore nc 5 years ago. To turn back to normal, they both have to walk a mile in each other’s shoes. During the battle Miria uses the potions but it doesn’t quite go as planned and Alma ends up saving them but in the process he uses too much magic and retreats. When class starts Sara demonstrates the illumination spell in which Akari tries out with little success. According to rules, the humans who studied magic in the Magic Academy must leave their Jewelpet partners so they can go back to Earth and live their human lives.

At first, Akari can’t understand her due to her Jewel Land Language, but Ruby eats a special candy so she can speak and understand human language. They transform to get to the match and make it in time for the last 30 seconds. While battling it out Akari and Miria talk about their time together and in the end Akari gets the orb. Sara performs an experiment on some Jewelpets and the next morning a new teacher is introduced named Sulfur who is later put in his place by Sara. Leon arrives and saves him and they work together and retrieve the pearl but the lava flows down towards to the village and Leon asks his friends who have just arrived to help him stop the lava. As they all said the spell of smiles, Akari knows that she and Ruby will sure meet again, one day Prase informs Akari that she was sent back twelve years and Judy managed to fix the bells and it was Akari’s turn to fix them this year.

Angelina got 7 points with her magical underwater arena presentation and Miria got only 1 point. Akari and Ruby expressed their feelings by combining all sorts of sweets into one. Thank you for watching These are the ones after Rizumu’s mom did the jumps please enjoy. She vows to find battest so she can become a better magician than Jewelina and wake up her mother so they can all live as a happy family again. Even though Nicola lost, he was happy to be in the Grand Prix with Titana. Once they arrive they are overpowered by Alma and are frozen in place.

At first, Akari can’t understand her due to her Jewel Land Language, but Ruby eats a special candy so she can speak and understand human language. Retrieved March 10, She later apologizes at her house and finds out that Akari’s feelings matches hers as a Jewel Charm appeared out of nowhere.

Although this is what they came back for after hearing her moms words as well as her little self Miria gets really upset and decides to fix the dress realizing her mom does care about her and the reason she loves singing so much is because of her mother. As soon as Akari, Sara, Leon and Nicola saw Miria sad when they’re gonna register their Jewel Stones, they feel pity on her and decided on not competing on the tournament without her.


Jewel Pet Attack Chance!

Jewelpet Tinkle Season 2 Episode 1 English Sub

After talking to him and seeing the ship he just finished she realizes just how cool her father really is. Just as Alma was about to send the orb into the statue Sara tries to analyze it but it’s gogonime strong and the magic circle ends up breaking and the orb lands in the statue. When Catherine is finished, Akari thought she would lose but she saw Ruby making govoanime batch of cookies and remembered the feeling of making cookies for the one you love.

After the rain stops Kohaku goes off on his own to see what the dragons are protecting and Leon follows. As they look at the sunset and remembered peisode Akari’s experience in Jewel Land, she promised to smile and look forward and wait for Ruby to find the Flower of Happiness.

They then challenge the girls to a match in which whoever makes the better wedding dress wins and Tinlle is to be the judge. But Miria encourages them to go and compete in the tournament without her, even giving them gifts.

Sapphie then confirmed it’s the power of the Jewel Stones as the pets were amused and happy. For the last orb they both have the same idea and summon up spirits to try to get the orb into the slot.

They soon find Labula but by the time they find her the basketball match has already begun. Alma tries to use her dark magic to get the key but the key purifies it and with Akari’s good magic she is able to break the barior and call the key to her but Alma hits her with her dark epiosde and starts overflowing with the battest power.

It is decided that whoever gets 2 out of 3 orbs into the statue first wins but the orb cannot be moved directly. Sara transforms and manages to find her and learns the spell fine it tinkls just the emotion behind it and everyone is returned to normal. Akari manages to get the first orb in with a ribbon and Miria gets the second orb in with a ginormous Garnet and some carrots to distract Ruby.

When Akari and Ruby are looking jewep their classes, Labra steals Ruby’s cherry blossom, calling them dummies. Lately Sara, Ginkle, and Akari have been getting along great but when Akari follows Gogoanume to her home to return her pen she finds out that Sara lives by herself in a dorm for a government research facility. Jewelina knew that both of them had a strong bond with each other yogoanime though they were away for so long. In the Human World, an year-old middle school student named Akari Sakura is going to school on her first day until she meets Ruby on the beach.


Miria decides to return to the academy and helps Akari water the burnt plants. I do NOT own this video nor the image featured in the video. Akari finally in Junior High School along with Alma and Yuma and also receiving a letter, Miria becoming a famous singer after winning the competition, Leon winning the Fencing tournament in the Olympics and became a good politician, Nicola winning the Junior Piano Competition and Sara finally became happy after meeting with her parents.

Miria won and Angelina and her became friends. They both end up trying to get toripaka feathers in which the magical angels use many dirty tricks and end up getting chased away and the girls end up getting the feathers after saving the birds. Alma heads inside and Akari arrives learning that epiosde witch was Fealina’s magic teacher and she took on that form after her wpisode fell into a deep sleep.

Her transformation ggooanime dissolves because the lack of power from Ruby and Akari sees her sister getting scolded by gogoanme director much to her surprise. After Ruby and Labra wake Akari up and Opal shows her the memories of back when Alma, Yuuma, And their mother were all together in a field of flowers.

The same dress she wore back then and even though she lands tenth place and gets punished for using the gate she epksode quite happy. When they wake up though they all think it was a dream but are re-energized and are able to finish the manga.

Rizelmine Episode 01 Part 1 kazoy 11 years ago. Later at the school the Jewelpets notice their partners Jewelstones sparkling brighter than ever before inside their heart and with a little help from Jewelina they are able to give their partners their Jewelstones back because Jewelstones come from within their hearts and they will never truly disappear.

When Yuuma was asked to play a basketball match,he tells Akari to come and watch. Just when they were about to reach their climax the rose they were riding wilts and Akari and the rest end up transforming to save everyone allowing them to finish the story. Akari wants to be a manga artist.

Jewelpet Tinkle Episode 26 English Subbed at gogoanime

Archived from the original on March 10, Later, Ruby and Akari go to class and learn that Labra has no partner of her own and she has some secret powers. However, they have a Magic Exam! Jewelpet Sunshine – M-kage is needed itnkle again ratlore nc 5 years ago.

Sanrio Sega Sammy Holdings. In the rules, they have to pat her head and don’t use magic while the other is trying to catch her. At first the group can’t decide on a gogoanimf but Akari offers to make a story involving all of their ideas and after some good advice from Akari’s pen she is able to make a great story that everyone likes.