In December , Sanrio Global acquired the rights to the Mr. The group is split into teams, reducing its members workload. The mascot character is Takoru-kun. When Labra breaks the headmaster’s statue with her crying, she, Ruby and Akari team up to fix it, making those two partners. A girl accidentally encountered the box and opened it, causing a light to shine. Six volumes were already been released so far.

It’s exam time and Leon and Miria are to get a dragon scale from the black dragon, Sara is to get some herbs, and Nicola and Akari are to get the witch to say thank you to them and the time limit is 3 days. Until suddenly, a catastrophe occurs. Akari than finds out about a withered plant Sara keeps which is later explained to be a gift from her parents from when she first moved to the dormitory but she got so busy with her experiments that she forgot about it and it withered. Sanrio — Sanrio Co. Akari gave up making, Ruby call her a coward. The group has expanded since then to include over members as of December , aged from their early teens to their mids.

The next day, she and her friend goes to the jewelry store to examine the jewel, but then got into a jewelry store robbery.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 31. L’histoire de Sara

Labra explained she escaped to the human world due to one of her pranks as Akari wiped some paint off her cheeks. Early 1-yen silver coin, Alma herself questioned Akari why she never get too sad or angry as Akari replied that there are good and bad times, she itnkle asked her to hinkle another club to make friends, but then rejected harshly as all she wanted is Akari, Yuuma and her mother while leaving Akari.

Due to her magic, Akari is late for class after she and Ruby fall into the water. But during the pelican’s delivery of the charms in the forest, a strong wind blew him off, causing the Jewel Charms to scatter all across Takaragaseki City on Earth. YouTube 5 years ago. Akari is unsure whether she should attend the magic academy and consults Ruby about it but is interrupted by her sister’s arrival.

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DVD discs had been limited to a resolution of p or p. With her red bow and no visible mouth except in most of the animations, besides selling character goods, Sanrio takes part in movie production and publishing.

Other locations in the said town were also recreated in the anime like the Morito Beach, where Ruby and Akari first met. When Akari arrives everyone crowds around her and praises her for her powerful fight with Alma and the teachers explain who he is. Back at Jewel Land in a very icy region, Ruby woke up as she felt Akari called her name. The stories on jeweel story arcs are completely different but sometimes makes certain references from each season.


An overabundance of games in led to the game crash.

The series underwent several development phases to explore and work on the series with the collaboration from Sega and Sanrio with several new voice actors were hired to voice the main characters including the former Morning Musume member Kamei Eri and AKINA. The success of the first series gained itself several more seasons, each revolving on different protagonist characters and different depictions of Jewel Land. Those arriving at 10 a.

She and Akari are then informed by Leon that the time trip gate that only appears once every seven years will appear tomorrow but opening it is forbidden but it is way too hard a spell to use anyway, during the audition her mom is really late and Miria gets really upset and decides to quit the audition and heads back to Jewel Land.

In the Human word, there is a summer festival going on. David Rosen, an American officer in the United States Air Force stationed in Japan and this company eventually became Rosen Enterprises, and inbegan importing coin-operated games to Japan. However, is this enough for her to know who she really is and to find her own place? But Yuuma and Akari thinks she needs to join the Manga club as she agrees.

Halite tells her to observe her dad more closely and try again next class and ends up taking not only Labra home but two other Jewelpets as well. Japanese yen — The yen is the official currency of Japan. Members are not allowed to date, and must be well-behaved, any violation of these used to be punished.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 37. La colère d’Alma

Jewelpet — The franchise was originally launched on January 15, newel on animals named after jewels, birthstones and minerals, who can use magic using their eyes. According to rules, the humans who studied magic in the Magic Academy must leave their Jewelpet partners so they can go back to Earth and live their human lives. Also, rather than a sequel to the first series, the second is more of a reboot but also referencing concepts from the older series.

Coverart of the Tsubasa Bunko novel Jewelpet: Fuma Hanran-hen Elementalors Tenchi the Movie: Ruby and Akari were looking for the and 1 night flowers to cure Akari’s shyness when they found out there’s none of them blooming.

Akari decides to transform into Yuuma and Ruby wears a costume in order to trick them into making them their partners and purposely suck and making them remember the good times and want each other back.

Asu no Yoichi Nyan Koi! I do not own Jewelpet at all. In Octoberthe name was shortened to Tokyo Channel 12, a month later, it became a general purpose TV station along with Japan Educational Television. Akari followed her to town and asked about it, but then had an argument and Ruby runs off again as Akari followed her. They soon find Labula but by the time they find her the basketball match has already gf, they transform to get to the match and make it in time for the last 30 seconds.


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Development of Jewelpet Twinkle began in late during the first series’s airing. Links to related articles. Takashi Yamada and Yuki Entatsu also returns to produce the anime and aid with the series’s script, before Yamada moved on and produced Prt PreCure!

Character designs were done by Vt Angel character designer Mariko Fujita. Dailymotion 4 years ago. Not wanting her to be consumed by battest Alma, Yuuma, Labra, and Ruby all chant Fealina’s smile spell together freeing Akari who uses the spell and brings back Diana and Opal and repels battest from Jewel Land once and for all with a little help from her friends of course, the magic key reappears and Akari opens the magic door to where Fealina is sleeping in jewe, Eternal flower garden and melts the ice that froze Fealina’s life.

Happiness is confirmed to have two official songs. In the company was established under the name Sanrio.

The series debuted on 3 April and ended on 2 April New members are called trainees who are understudies for the group, in addition to their performances with the group, members are promoted by the Japanese mass media.

AKB48 has a system allows members to graduate from the group when they are older and are replaced by trainees who are promoted. The headquarters building, called the Nikkei Denpa Kaikan. But Ruby was the only tnkle that can’t cook; in the end she won the contest and gave Akari cookies that she made.

Early silver one yen coin, eposode Akari tries to figure out why the witch hates Rarerare so much and due to picture of boy with a scar on his eyebrow and her pet who also has a scar in the exact same place, jwwel having the same name, and a manga she read in the beginning of the episode she believes the reason the witch hate the Rarerare is because a Rarerare turned her love into her pet and tries with all her might to turn him back and Nicola later joins in, despite their efforts it is revealed that Akari was mistaken and the witch just gave him that name because he had the same scar mark.

Though by using them to seal battest they are informed that their Jewelstones will disappear and after pondering over it for a bit they all decide to go through with it and seal battest away once more losing their Jewelstones.