You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The episode is an anime-exclusive episode for Konohamaru and his classmates’ news report starring the Chunin-in-training. Naruto awakens and, upon realising that they need another scroll to pass, decides to forge a new one, but has to open their existing scroll to do so, an action banned by the rules of the exam. Sakura and Ino are evenly matched. Unfazed by his apprentice’s sacrifice, Zabuza continues attacking Kakashi while Tazuna accompanies Sakura to Sasuke’s body. Archived from the original on February 11, List of Naruto episodes. Before Sasuke heads into battle, Sakura tries to stop him saying that he will lose and get hurt severely if he doesn’t use any chakra because it will surely awaken the cursed seal’s power.

Hayato Date , Toshiya Niidome. Taking a nap after training in the woods, Naruto is awoken by someone whom he thought was a girl. When Gato arrived, Kaiza was executed by Gato’s men to serve as an example of anyone who opposes Gato, which traumatised Inari greatly. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Lee was about to finish the fight with his Dancing Leaf Shadow attack when a large turtle named Ningame appears. Following dinner, Sakura asks about Inari staring at the torn family photo on the wall, but the boy runs off with his mother Tsunami chasing after him. Kimimaro voice Makoto Tsumura Lee then removes the heavy leg weights he was wearing, drastically increasing his speed and allowing him to bypass Gaara’s defense.

As Kakashi apparently prepares to punish them all, Sakura stands up to him, explaining that they gave Naruto food because he’s a member of their team. Meanwhile, Anko learns of three faceless corpses found near the exams, one of them revealed to be Shiore, and recognizes the technique used to remove their faces. Kaguya Clan Leader voice Hideo Watanabe Despite this, Orochimaru leaves, with Kakashi terrified at his foolishness.

Having arrived, with Ggaara preoccupied with Zabuza, Naruto attempts to help Sasuke by attacking the Crystal Ice Mirrors from the outside while Sasuke attacks from the inside. After Team 7 completes a few miscellaneous D-ranked missions, Naruto relentlessly asks Hiruzen for a higher gawra mission, and they are eventually assigned to escort a bridge builder named Tazuna back to the Land of Waves.


At the end of the match, Rock Lee is crippled to the extent that he is unable to fight again.

However, knowing that they need Naruto at full strength for what Kakashi has in store for peisode make-up test, Sasuke and Sakura feed Naruto. But Naruto’s cheering stirs Hinata to fight her cousin in a duel using their clan’s Gentle Fist stylewhich uses bursts of chakra to damage the opponent’s internal organs.

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He explains the essential need for ninja groups to work as a unit, as well as stating his own ideal that, while ninja who break the rules are scum, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.

Tenten’s weapon summonings are negated by Temari’s wind-based attacks, and she is defeated.

Naruto awakens and, upon realising that they need another scroll to pass, decides to forge a new one, but has to open their existing scroll to do so, an action banned by the rules of the exam. Season 1 Episode Hiruzen briefly speaks about what the exams berzpa all about before entrusting Hayate Gekko to oversee the matches. Kakashi threatens to kill Orochimaru, a threat that Orochimaru takes lightly.

Saikyou taiketsu! Gaara vs Kimimaro!!

Though Zabuza sees Haku as nothing more than a tool, he is moved by Naruto’s words as he lre acknowledges Haku’s sacrifice. Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to gaaara with on a project. After the ordeal with Orochimaru, Sakura managed to move her team mates under a tree to tend to their wounds overnight.

At that time, Kabuto is attacked by Team Dosu from the Hidden Sound Village for his earlier remark about their village.


The hunter-ninja leaves with Zabuza’s body, and Kakashi then collapses from fatigue as a result of using his Sharingan for too long. Soon after Iruka uses Naruto’s ability to use shadow clones to justify his graduation from the Ninja Academy. Unknown to Team 7, Kabuto submits all of the data he gathered on them to Orochimaru. The Power of Youth Explodes!

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Empowered by Orochimaru’s curse markSasuke becomes a cruel and sadistic monster as he easily defeats Zaku while breaking his arms. Burning the scroll he possessed, Orochimaru leaves while promising that Sasuke will look for him in the future. Lee recovers by opening the Second Gateshocking the Jonin observers in the audience.

After Jiraiya knocks out EbisuNaruto is left without a tutor. Ketsui no ushiro sugata ” Japanese: She tells Neji that she believes that he is suffering more from fighting his destiny.

Guy regrets teaching Lee such dangerous techniques, but vacates the ring for the final match between Choji Akimichi and Dosu Kinuta. Having watched the entire event, Kakashi dramatically appears before them.

Kakashi manages to disable Zabuza’s arms before their battle is interrupted by Gato and his men, the criminal intending to kill Zabuza and everyone else present.

Later that night, Kakashi tells a despondent Inari that Naruto understands the boy’s pain from his own hardships. Retrieved May 31, Archived from the original on November 2, But Naruto’s unfamiliarity with Haku’s abilities traps him as he vss Sasuke are forced to work together against Haku, who sees that he le make an exception to his no killing policy.