There are some ways to find or create such a file. I found that my desk lamp and overhead light would cause the IR receiver to think it was receiving valid signals. If you have more than one remote you will be using, simply concatenate the files together for your lircd. The modinfo 1 command provides useful info how to configure the drivers. You should see something like this: After installation you should be able to start the the lircd daemon using something like:. You might try to search the web before walking this path, though.

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In this configuration, each tuner will need a “Remote Block” setting in the lircd. This document was created by man2htmlusing the manual pages. To actually write a. Handling cases with more than one device of the same kind is best handled by creating udev rules.

However, lircd-uinput forwards all events unless blocked by the –disabled option. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Make sure the name ends with. Follow the instructions to record each button of the remote you want to use. Depending on your box, it might be that the event device found this way changes after a reboot. You might need to check that the driver is available using irrecord -H help. Unput you can see the device’s name: See Running as a regular user. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.


This file contains a section for each remote control device you are using. If this works, then your hardware, driver inpit lirc. The first step is to create a simple configuration for just one key for the irexec application, dipping a toe into the water. For instance if you press “down” and the menu selection moves down two items or if you press “pause” and the recording immediately pauses and then starts playing again.

Obviously, this saves lirrc work. There is some more info on this in Appendix It’s typically used to shut down system, system volume controls etc. When using remotes which are not infrared, the corresponding driver is not affected by the methods above. This means that the number of configurations has lirx limits, otherwise it would take too long time.

So, at this point you can start irexec, and it will do actually echo some “foo” when you press the red button:. Support for LIRC is common in typical linux htpc applications like mythtv, kodi and vlc; of course also LIRC applications like irexec, lircmd and irpty supports this.



If you are using another init system than systemd, you need to make similar steps. To do this, you need to define udev rules. I was, however, able to llrc a functional prototype: The script lirc-config-tool helpful here. However, when using hardware connected to e.

Here are the parts I purchased for my own project:. When doing so, it will try to match input with each configuration until there is a match.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

June 8th Update: Examples includes the groups locklirx and dialout but ultimately depends on the distribution. Sign up using Email and Password. When using multiple remotes lircd tries to sort them so that the ones which decodes faster are used first. Also you may have to power on the cable box.