Neighbours 27 July Episode. To remind her to not make mistakes in the future, he gives her a pile of incomplete files and tells her to find out the missing information from them. Aidan and Chris turn up at the door. What I did shouldn’t get between you and your friends. After a moment she walks back into Karl’s office and shows him Ben Anderson and Andrew Robinson’s files, telling him they are the same person and this is how Andrew managed to go so long without treatment. I need someone who’s not going to take the moral high – ground. Aidan lies that Ben Anderson was an Irish backpacker. Sophie asks Paul for a job, she wants to have a part time job and be more independent.

Georgia hands Karl the files, taking Ben Anderson’s file away with her. After negotiating her pay with Paul, they strike a deal. Georgia crosses the hall into another room and starts crying when Aidan walks passed. Carmel can’t believe how friendly Susan and Karl’s relationship is despite their separation, whereas she and her own estranged husband barely speak to one another. Georgia left it on the main desk and forgot to put it in Sophie’s file. As nice as it was seeing you go all He – Man, standing up for your boyfriend.

If Susan needs a bit of distance, I’m happy to fill that space. She needs to work harder on her paper work. Summer and Tash go to get dressed while Chris looks worried.

Summer says they tried to tell Chris that, but that it didn’t go down well. No 22 Andrew is talking to Summer and Tash; he’s feeling guilty about what’s happened to Aidan and swears he didn’t mean for it to happen. As usual, the book relates to what the characters are going through, with Vanessa relating with the main character’s choice between two men.


Chris says that Andrew being worried about Paul’s reaction is no excuse; Aidan could lose his job. Bob Morley Carmel Tyler: Outside, Rhys wants to know why Aidan’s leaving in the middle of his shift, and Aidan tells him to ask Karl.

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It’s going to be expensive. Neiggbours asks what she’ll do with her first day of freedom. Number 30 Sonya is cleaning and finds a pair of shiny boxer shorts.

It’s not good enough. Chris immediately starts laying into him, demanding to know how he convinced Aidan to help him hide nekghbours epilepsy. Charlie’s Summer and Chris are playing pool when Aidan comes in.

Previously on Neighbours – Sophie returns from rehab, on crutches. Fitzgerald Motors Paul drops his car off with Lucas. Georgia explains that Aidan was just trying to help Andrew. Karl says he’ll let him know the outcome, and adds that he’s sorry. Erinsborough Hospital Aidan worriedly awaits Karl’s news. Number 32 Vanessa zombie walks into the living room in the heighbours of the night. Sophie walks in and spins around for Paul to show off. Chris is annoyed that Aidan peisode about Andrew’s epilepsy the whole time and didn’t tell him, and is also worried about what will happen to Aidan now.

Sophie asks Paul for a job, she wants to have a part time job and be more independent. Karl tells Georgia that missing records are a waste of time and dangerous for patients.

Paul leaves angrily while Lucas laughs. Bea and Elly soften towards their mother. Karl’s sympathetic, but says it was against hospital rules and professional jeighbours obligations, and that Aidan should have come to him about Andrew instead.

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He tells them Aidan’s disappeared; he won’t answer his phone, and his neighboura and neighbours haven’t neighbourss him. Aidan tells Andrew he has no hard feelings towards him, and Andrew apologises again for the mess he’s caused.


Later Georgia is reading through Ben Anderson’s file again and sees the notes on treatment for epilepsy. Well I was actually going to shout drinks at Charlie’s, but for that, you’re up first! Vanessa says it was a good call.

What on earth for? Karl goes for a walk.

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She says she’s moving better because they worked her pretty hard. Aidan insists he won’t have Chris wrecking his friendships over this, and tells him they’re going to go and sort it out. Vanessa tells Sonya that she found Lucas’s wedding vows.

Paul leaps up and hugs Sophie, thrilled she doesn’t need the crutches anymore.

Harold’s Susan and Carmel are enjoying a mild argument and a coffee, as Carmel tells Susan about a new bar she wants them to check out tonight. Aidan says it’s okay, they’ve all been in trouble with Dr Kennedy before.

Aidan’s just glad he’s on the proper meds now, and says the review will turn out okay once the board knows the circumstances. Andrew admits that he was desperate to keep it from Paul, so told Aidan he’d shop him to the hospital if he told anyone about his condition. He admits to giving Andrew unofficial advice about his epilepsy and to submitting the blood sample under the false name, saying he was only trying to help, since Andrew wouldn’t help himself.

A faultless track record for Neighbours Karl and Georgia say she’ll still need to come back for regular rehab.