Not only does he love the loose songwriting, he heard a lot of humor, and tells people to Buy It. This remains the case even 30 years after the break-up of Roxy Music. Music from Kerouac’s Big Sur. It’s a double Buy It. As Jim and Greg explain, this is a concept record inspired by frontman Win Butler ‘s suburban upbringing. Both are on Nobody’s Daughter in full effect, and it’s a Trash It.

It’s a gorgeous but chilling record that’s perfect for winter. Sign up for e-newsletter. He loves singer Craig Finn ‘s energy live, but finds his vocal style very grating on record. Heaven is Whenever is the band’s fifth record, and its first without keyboardist Franz Nicolay. He explains that Murphy is saying this record will be his last, but notes that it’s not his best. The Hold Steady is back with a new album and a new lineup. Greg wants us all to note the moment where Jim complained his rock and roll was too loud. There are few figures in rock as cool as Bryan Ferry.

He explains that Murphy is saying this record will be his last, but notes that it’s not his best. On their last release, The Life Pursuitthis sun translated into a more upbeat dance record. During the next segment Jim and Greg review this season’s big new releases.

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So Jim and Greg were eager to hear how bellle sound had evolved. Greg also thinks he was smart to bring Gibbard in to lend a little optimism.

But, for good reason-especially this week since he has a new album called Small P,us on a Milk Sea. Greg describes this record as reflective rather than howling. Jim calls the record introspective and brilliantly minimalistic and gives it a Buy It. The New Pornographers have a new album called Together. And many original fans continue to hold out hope that they’ll meet or top their releases from the ‘s. Brooklyn rockers The National released their fifth album called High Violet.


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He has always admired artists like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonderbut is currently doing a poor job emulating them. Nick Cave ‘s blues punk side project wowed Jim and Greg with its debut. Rubin and Cash seemed like an unlikely pairing, but the partnership has resulted in some of Cash’s most memorable performances. The band’s guitaristMatt Pikebegan as a member of the legendary stoner rock group Sleep.

And now they’re starting over with The Beginning. But, now they have returned to their orchestral folk roots, and Greg wishes they had continued moving forward with their sound, rather than backwards.

Jim insists happiness hasn’t weakened Blige. The Roots have always had a great reputation as a live act, but Jim thinks that gives short shrift to their terrific recordings.

Jim gives it a Trash It rating, adding that this might be one of the worst records of the year. Jim can’t believe his ears. Neither find New Amerykah Part Two to be an easy listen.

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His new album is another instrumental effort. During this show Jim and Greg review some of this season’s big new releases. Jimalso a Kerouac fan, agrees that the album, complete with artwork, is a thing of beauty. He gives Dream Attic a Buy It rating.

So this record, which was produced by Will Scheff of Okkervill Riveris a personal as well as a professional achievement.

Interpol’s debut Turn on the Bright Lights is still considered by many to be one of the greatest albums of that decade. There are a couple of standout tracks no thanks to Lynchbut he can only give it a Burn It rating. He admits that Spoon has returned to its artier ways, but he believes it works. So they decided to put together an album of covers of these funk, soul and reggae gems called Wake Up! A couple of weeks ago Jim and Greg discussed the career trajectory of U2.

Complrt lyrics are more introspective, which Greg applauds, but the production really brings it all down. In fact, Jim absolutely hated the debut. He loves the dialogue between the singer and the horns section and highly recommends people check the group out live. Jim agrees and was pleasantly surprised to hear these tracks, especially after all the torture that went into making it. Jim has been waiting for Mavis to make her masterpiece record that would tell the world how great she episoce is.


He worries that Tweedy was intimidated by Staples and didn’t push her enough. Both critics wish the songwriting had been stronger and give Interpol a Trash It.

The Marcos story, however, is not that compelling, so Greg can only give the record a Try It. But still, Greg wouldn’t throw it in the bin. Jim has come to terms with the fact that he just doesn’t like The Hold Steady. In the Sound Opinions drinking game, ” Brian Eno ” is the key word. She put her unique, alto rasp to use on subsequent covers of songs by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Greg can’t believe it. He thinks Madonna comparisons are apt. This is the pop diva’s first record since becoming a mother, but neither Jim nor Greg hear any additional maturity.

Now, self-proclaimed to be drama-free, she has to face doubts that she’s lost her power. So, he wonders why he doesn’t like their music more.

But, he thinks Fatboy Slim’s disco contributions really epiaode. But to Jim, a self-professed connoisseur of noise, this is too much. He commends Young’s courage and seconds that Buy It. Moving on to new releases, Duffy has a new album out called Endlessly. Of our two hosts, Greg was actually a Wolf Parade fan.