Be the first one to add a plot. Drake finds the talking Magic Sword of Garmondale in a tree at a carnival. She finds a mighty Dark Stone and uses it to trap Merlin and banish him into the hidden realms of wild magic. Linda Shayne and Robin Young. A faery, named Wisp, Faery King Odeon’s daughter, goes after her lost flock of magic sheep. After Ian rejects this offer and saves Gwen from Kale and Morgana, the princess assures him that no matter what shape he takes, she will always be his friend.

Wild magic gliders tell the Jewel Riders a creature is crying from somewhere in the wild magic and Tamara convinces the Jewel Riders to go and rescue it. Gwenevere and Drake get lost in the mists that surround Avalon and cross over to a weird land beyond it. Turns out the Trees have a Crown Jewel stuck in their portal and they are disappointed at not being able to dance, so they create a wild magic dance floor for all the forest animals. Robin Young and Christopher Rowley. The Jewel Riders and their evil rivals race for supreme magical power. Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. The arriving Kale steals Gwen’s dance partner and seizes the Jewel of the Great Northwoods to use it for evil, but the reunited Jewel Riders outwit her and reclaim it.

The girls ride into wild magic and discover a “lost island”. Meanwhile, Lady Kale plans to hijack control of the seven Crown Jewels of the Kingdom that she needs to reign over Avalon forever. It is up to Cleo, Sugar and Spike to save the day. On their way, the Jewel Riders find a lost island.

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The girls go see a fortune teller and discover one of the jewels they need, but Kale and Morgana also want it. Merlin reveals that the Crystal Palace itself is an Enchanted Jewel with great powers of goodness. Wen Gwen needs help, Fallon puts aside her anger and saves her friend. Each discover half of the Wishing Jewel, but they can not figure out why it does starlla work quite right until they realize that neither of them have the entire jewel so they must work together in order to reassemble its pieces.

jeweel The Jewel Riders learn about their newly enhanced magic and of a new quest to find the Wizard Jewels that can give Merlin back his powers and return him home. It is high fashion and high-jinx as the annual charity fashion show opens at the Crystal Palace fairgrounds. But their enemies have also found this island and Morgana sends Kale after them.


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Tamara is caught in an enchantment when she plays a beautiful harp given to her for a performance at a craft fair. Gwen, Fallon and Tamara escort a trading caravan through a canyon across the Badlands to the party at Castle Greenwood. When the Jewel Riders have their fortunes read, a dark future is revealed to Gwenevere that tells of the fall of the Crystal Palace and the rise of Morgana to rule Avalon.

Tamara and friends use their own music and magic to win against Kale and bring the animals back home, while Kit gets reunited with her parents where they all return home in the wild magic. Lost, they must work together to unravel a riddle told to them by the Travel Trees. Drake finds the talking Magic Sword of Garmondale in a tree at a carnival. Meanwhile in the wild magic, the wizard Morgana summons her Dark Stone, inadvertently bringing back Lady Kale into existence and finds the Dark Stone has been tuned to Kale.

Archived from the original on The Jewel RIders journey to the land of unicorns after it has been attacked by Morgana.

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The sheep became affected by wild magic, epispde into “biker-sheep” through a rainbow passage to the Great Deserts of Avalon. Kale seizes the Jewel Keep and with it the Jewel Box, as well all the magic jewels stored there, and uses their powers to create an “antimagic” device and time-freeze all of New Camelot.

Katherine Ptincess and Robin Young. Trying to locate the jewel, the Epieode Riders find instead the magical genie Guardian intent on protecting kewel magical treasures of the ancient Hall of Wizards.

While searching for Faery Wraiths in the Forest of Arden, Gwenevere finds romance and magic with a strange boy named Ian. Gwen and Drake must search for a magic wishing jewel that will turn this land to goodness and extend the borders of Avalon before wild magic causes this place to vanish completely.

Avalon’s fate rests with the Jewel Riders, the latest incarnation of which consists of the year-old [5] Princess Gwenevere Gwen and her friends, Fallon and Tamara. Add Image S2, Ep5. Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.


Kale makes a deal with the ancient dark sorceress Morgana to work with her against jwel Jewel Riders. The troll uses it to turn the Pack into frogs and their wolves into lizards. Gwen and Drake get lost in the misty walls that surround Avalon and discover a new magical but dangerous place outside the borders of the kingdom.

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Tamara finds a place that registers strong magic and the Riders head there with magic gliders as their guides. Ian rescues her from a marsh mire, but eposode does not reveal the jewel he has recently found and which has actually enabled him to jswel from a wolfman beast to a human.

Three mischievous trolls find new Enchanted Jewels in the wild magic and to energize it, they steal elf magic from the Elf Woods. In a wild dream, Kale switches Gwen’s Sun Stone with her Dark Stone and thus a dream world is created in which Gwenevere has become evil, and her aunt has become good.

Along the way, the protagonists must contend with Gwen’s evil aunt Lady Kale, a ruthless sorceress who has vowed to control all the magic and rule Avalon no matter the consequences. Gwen and Sunstar discover that the Travel Trees, which are used to “ride” the wild magic, are getting erratic. James Luceno and Robin Young. The show’s action is set in the legendary island of Avalonhere portrayed as a fairy tale style kingdom utopia that keeps its magical energies in check by the seven Crown Jewels, each representing a different area of the realm.

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Archived from the original on 2 December Tamara is called by her parents to Heartland Animal Farm to examine a recently discovered legendary prism fox. Linda Shayne and Robin Young.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The two become separated from the Jewel Riders who are trying to track down the source of a wild magic outbreak in the Great Northwoods.