It is her story. He had a family this entire time and that was the members of the boarding house. Wow, I would have preferred that he found a cure for cancer or something else than that. Why did they make CB so pathetic at the end? Wow I could not believe you are beanies too. But then again, we would have no story if she had told CB in these no uncertain terms that she does not return his romantic feelings.

I wanted him to have an epic love that would have made up for all the heartbreak. He would lose the entire boardinghouse, never to hang out with them again. Trash runs off the play billiard with people instead of the gang disappointing! People need to stop shifting the blame to NJ who showed no signs of romantic interest besides being a very good and loyal friends to everyone. I do love them In the end, he became the brother that CB needed and wanted. Also I think the boy at the beginning could be the parent’s son.

It’s not even the package. Download the latest version here. He knows Chilbongie is headed to the airport to fly out tonight, and stops to put a hand on his arm as he says goodbye and tells him sincerely to take care of himself.

I am all good They also uprooted from Busan to the heart of Seoul, yet retained an unaffected charm with the provincial transplants. Go for the man who barely lifts a finger to text you to come running to his house to make out and get back together, rather than the man who travels 12 Repoy just to enjoy your presence and be by your side for just a little while rply. Did we watch the same show?

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I kept reading that JW is super popular in Korea he and the rest of the cast deserve all the accolades but the AM94 makers prolly didn’t anticipate the humongous backlash they’d face by tying up all of the characters’ arcs save for Chilbongie. I also love the fact relly the makers are 1949 that ‘Awkward Goat’ sound again in this drama.


So far so good but are we really going to do the husband guessing game again, it was fun until it was obvious the right guy won, but then it got tedious.

Everything had so much potential, I’m disappointed. He finally turns around. Even CB, he got the family he always wanted. I am 194 proud of her leaving her family and taking that job abroad. Things I liked about this show: Michelle December 30, at 2: I really thought CB should have gotten the girl.

I tried gooddrama earlier but didn’t find anything and with viki, I can’t watch it because no available in my country France –‘. Once Trash got his issues out of the way, he was able to reunite with Na Jung and they eventually got married. You leave a character missing for 2 episodes. Nice to see the little brother making an appearance. Four days before the wedding, Korea plays against Italy in the World Cup, and everyone gathers at the house decked out in their red shirts.

Please writer, next time you wanna write a mystery show, please dont mix it with a story that has a lot of heart and give us heartbreak! Momo October 20, at 2: He asked her to stay outside when informing her parents about their relationship to shield her. Those silent beats of being so lost, and not having the courage to speak up really got to me. Samcheonpo and Yoon-jin are newlyweds, and Haitai says they just had a huge fight the other night because Seo Taiji came back with a new album, and Yoon-jin ran out and bought a hundred copies to pass out to everyone she knows and even strangers in the street.

He became famous cuz, wait for it, he treated CB!! I don’t care that it represents his opening himself up to her emotionally.

Haven’t seen the episode yet but I’m so looking forward to it Not telling your gf your mother died? NEVER, in all of my drama watching. Age twenty in Seoul, when everything—city and people—was frightening.


But yet they didn’t. And I love it! Edited at That it should have been SP and YJ? Because you can’t car-stalk the subway? And of course every writer has a story arc planned, stating who will be the OTP unless you are the crack-smoking writer of MHIYD and the story is gkoddrama to that endgame.

Do you remember that we lived through a beautiful age, that our 194 youth shone brightly, that our relentless loves ran hot, that we were great in years gone by. He opens his door to find it laid out, and his eyes well rply with tears at the thought of his mother.

I wanted more about the friendships which was the real heart of the show for me. Why are so many people confused?

[Review] Looking Back at “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994”

And I agree, I think it is possible that Haitai, of all the kids, loved mum best. This time scenes went on endlessly, jokes got lost because there were no editing choices made, and I could actually feel them padding out episodes and refusing to kill their babies, which dulled the zing factor—and one of my favorite things about this franchise is its zing!

Are you kidding me? And its actually really sad that the writer chose to go to mystery route rather than the heart! Man this is getting extremely ridiculous He had a family this entire time and that was the members of the boarding house.

We had different memories, different connections, different loves, but we were in the same time and the same place together, like a miracle. This is so wrong. Chesquared December 29, at 1: Also, can we talk about how precious he was in these two episodes. Like I said, first loves are overrated.