Naturally, the popularity of local film actors and actresses made them crowd drawers for sinakulos presented in the city. The collaborative writing group of Kristo, Anak ng Tao while incorporating all these features, decided that a variation was needed and that a call for action that would cut across all socio-economic levels was the goal. John the Evangelist and Mary Magdalene were the newly awakened Filipinos, intelligent and aware. In the same sinakulo, there was an attempt to Topic 4: On the other hand, Javanese Benedict and Filipino Ileto concepts of power derive from an animistic, cosmologic worldview and view power as a formless, creative energy, which can be acquired through extreme asceticism, meditation, ritual purification. The image of the suffering Christ is indeed a very popular image of Jesus Christ in Filipino folk religiosity. When one drives to Pampanga on Good Friday, one will see self-flagellants in almost every village one passes by.

Lines from the pasyon were sung to the tunes of tv and radio commercials. Because of the strict censorship during the early years of Martial Law, the core group of Dulaang Babaylan knew that modern plays with socio-political comment would no longer be allowed. He sees him fall on their ascent to Golgotha and experience much more cruelty at the hands of the Romans than he who was a certain criminal. They were also the three nations of colonialism and imperialism—Spain, the United States and Japan. The expression suggests that graciousness being outwardly manifested is truly in harmony with the most authentic in the person. In , the Babaylan staged a sinakulo at the U.

A fourth motive is damayor a test of friendship with the suffering Christ. His accusations of corruption and treachery against the antagonists were inflamed pronouncements addressed to the audience, alluding to the failures of institutions, including the Church.

Being third-world not only means being poor and exploited, but being excluded from economic, political and cultural moie, and therefore existing without being recognized by society. Kasi galit na galit siya Christ.

The UN Report on the Human Development Index for states that the Philippines are one of 56 countries which were poorer in than they were in Generally, people who participate in self-flagellations and crucifixions belong to the poorest of the poor. How was it possible at all?


‘Senakulo’ performers teach Christ’s message

He then beseeches God. With the Virgin Mary at his side, he embraces death as a whole man and stretches his arms to make his body his own cross. Ileto ful, though, how the pasyon among other practises of folk religiosity in the Philippines encouraged revolt against the Spaniards in the 19th century.

In Inquiries into Past and Present, ed. According to Ileto, it was precisely through folk religious traditions which usually are said fulll promote passivityand especially through the way the masses experienced Holy Week, that the style of peasant brotherhoods and uprisings was shaped.

While we were doing the play. Furthermore, I have tried to read those practices as a way of acquiring power based on the world-view of animistic traditions and folk Catholicism. The crowd chooses to have Barrabas set free. The Reason behind the Babaylan sinakulo 3. That the organization, its sinakulos and re-introduction of the drama simbolico have not entered the annals of our cultural history in a major way is an oversight that needs to be addressed.

On the other hand, interreligious dialogue without the sting of sociopolitical involvement would run the risk of being an elitist and harmless form of “inculturation” in which, as Pieris has pointed out, non-Christian religious traditions are vandalized and baptized into instruments of apologetics and proselytization.

The official church disapproves of these practices. Fellowship Programs Open Calls.

Be inspired, value freedom Philippines. Michelena received another response from other members of the audience. Revealed at the end was the resurrected Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary transformed into InangBayan Mother Countrysignifying hope and transformation.

However, this should not obliterate the fact that there is always a danger of exoticizing these rituals and more so the people performing them. Finally, what reaction did they receive from their audience? A few notes on poverty in the Philippine context: They are not commercialized, and — even if there might be a certain spectacular element to it — are indeed spiritual exercises.

Ang aming tubig ay ipinagbili sa amin Ang aming sariling kahoy ay ipinagbili sa amin Wala na an gaming mga binata referring to the displaced indigenous communities and the disappearance of young men who have joined the armed struggle or have been victims of salvaging.


hfppcy’s Senakulo

This interpretation, of course, is the effort of a theologian trying to make sense out of those rituals. In order to do that Mary Magdalene takes off her veil. Na hindi siya talaga meek and mild? The mock crucifixion of Christ, the 14th and last station, was held at Mendiola, site of countless rallies and dispersals. But as tradition demanded, and more urgently than any decree, the Holy Week sinakulo could not be suppressed.

Still, Ileto states, whether the pasyon encourages resignation or hope, subservience or defiance, will always be open to argument, since the meaning of the text is not fixed but depends on the social and historical context.

Even Veronica in the pop sinakulo as a modern-day lavandera, with blue balloons around her waist to stand as bula, and Judas as the glitzy game show mouth words from the two sources that remind the people that this is still the sinakulo, the pasyon and the Bible. Filipinos armed to the teeth with rosaries and flowers, massing in front of tanks, and the tanks stopping, and some of the soldiers who were the enemy embracing the people and their flowers.

The other four respondents, and including myself, were in their mlvie forties to early fifties.

Because the idea was the Philippines was being overtaken by this mob. Themes and Presentations 4. Mel Gibson’s well-publicized production The Passion of the Christ concerns the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The omvie, by the way, is shown in the final scene of the movie, rather briefly and in an embarrassing way — for two minutes one sees Jesus sitting in his tomb, his tortured body fully restored, the pall beside him looking like a leaking air mattress.