And it usually takes around half a year for a movie to be released on DVD. Yugo Kochi as Jimbo Makoto. More p goodness And man, finally! Jun 7, Oshimen: But of course, there was still no English subtitles, we just have to pay attention to the actions. Whatever your reason may be, push lang yan.

Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! What drama you want to download today? That’s what people always say to me.. Then there’s the school at the present time. Hi, I am interested in watching onii chan gatcha and would like to join your community for the softsubs. Yuya Takaki as Shohei Tatsunami. Nathalie Verney on February 18th,

You want to know the reason?? Nathalie Verney on February 18th, It is not boring, it is not “bitin”.

Shin vs Hikaru, Hokku vs Daisuke. Finally watched the movie took me forever to find the eng sub shiritau it was actually a lot better than I thought [rock] Tatsuya X Fumie Forever!!

For anyone that might wanna understand this movie, I’m in a project to make a subtitle for this movie. I found a streaming link via weibo. Joukou Bakada High School: The movie was very nice and it still like the continuation from the last episode of series.

Can you provide a link to the English sub? KyulmieNov 15, What will happen when these two schools are merge?


Aoi Nishimura on March 6th, How are you today? Yugo Kochi as Jimbo Makoto.

Casts of this drama: It’s not a waste to spent your time reading my blog. We will keep updating this shirritsu everytime we have new release, new project plan and the progress of our project. Log in or Sign up. And by the way, the reason for his big brother’s death was because of a motorcycle accident.

TV / Radio – [DRAMA] – [Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou] ’12/04/14~ | Page 13 | Stage48

Shintaro Morimoto as Sakuragi Tatsuya. I finished Bakarea months ago and was left craving for the movie when they announced there would be one right at the end of the season. NaaruruMar 30, Juri Tanaka as Noguchi Satoshi. Awwwww, Tamachan was the hero!!! Other people can’t assume what are your real reason. Haruka Shimazaki as Fumie Shingyoji.

Then Jesse and Kouchi appeared calling them, i didn’t understand what they said, i don’t know if they are still up for a fight? Jan 1, Location: Are there someone who already sub it? The drama was bakalega decent overall. Please accept me as a member.

Akira HitoshiDec 31, And then Paruru’s definitely more suited for the role of Fumie than she was for Paru in Majisuka Gakuen 3, so I’m very much looking forward to that again, and having a proper conclusion to her relationships, as well as Minarun’s one-sided shiritwu.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Hikaru was the leader of the gang and it kouou like Daisuke was his right hand. They seriously need to put this movie on right now, I don’t even care if it’s subbed at this point Glad to say that I get the bigger picture.

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou part 1

Aug 27, Location: Please look forward to it D. Please read this thread on the state of the forum going forward.

Jun 7, Oshimen: The movie opens with a flashback of Tamachan and Uchi rumble Sorry, I don’t know their names in usb movie. And it usually takes around half a year for a movie to be released on DVD. Hello, I will be very happy to join Only you can know the reasons why you are reading my blog.

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XD The movie has funny scenes, especially Juri. What drama you want to download today? Log in No account?