Both agree to it and ask who the person is. I think they have to rush finishing cruel city, because of his health condition and other things this i would like to know, mr. So what do they want!? This is too unfair! Its good that it have a sad ending.. A fight breaks out as Park Sa barrels towards the location. Soo is badly hurt but still fighting until he falls to the ground and one of the men stabs him in the gut. But how come no one knows.

I just feel he always loved her, he let her go because of the commissioner, and did all this after for her. Also forgot to add, that would be the perfect way to make everyone except a few believe he died so he can live another life. He has a herniated disc and this led to him cancelling all his upcoming events for this year. On the other end, Jo is the only man left and Park Sa points his gun at him. I think falling for innocence is the only drama of jung kyung ho oppa that had a better romantic happy ending… he had a better chemistry with his leadibg lady there actress kim so yeon.. Park Sa asks him what he means to do if he knows. Hyung Min watches and tears up. Anyway, thanks for writing back!

Pam July 30, at 9: Jin Suk asks her why she never told the baddies where she was.

At the orphanage, Soo Min goes to meet her kid friends wearing her new uniform and distributes presents. Hong Ki nods and says he will, kneeling to the ground.


Sinopsis Drama Korea Cruel City Episode 1-20 (Tamat)

He asks Jin Suk a favor-to let Soo Min go and just remove her from her side, no more. I really episod when Shi won oppa was shot… I mean why??

I think falling for innocence is the only drama of jung kyung ho oppa that had a better romantic happy ending… he had a better chemistry with his leadibg lady there actress kim so yeon. He slams the drink down on the table and tells Park Sa to leave. How could the OTP part this way in the cimetery?

Hyung Min crhel and tears up.

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Notify me of new posts via email. We even had to say good by to the loyal Soo! And will email tonight NYC time! And so Soo and Hong Ki come face to face. So he heed what the doctors said and of he went. Oh yes, it was. Soo Min cries and holds Park Sa close, his eyes now closed.

She looks at him to see he has closed his eyes and sorrow is evident in crueo expressions. Jillia July 30, at 9: If you want, I can make a separate post up for it in your name at the blog!!

I believe sinkpsis alive. I feel bad hyung-min does not get much closure. And in comes Soo. You and me too, i felt better already just thinking about all kinds of happy ending. A CC2 would be fun-and has quite a lot of potential! I feel really sad too.


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Later, she goes sinopsid Park Sa. He tells Park Sa to lower his gun-everything has ended now. I think he liked her and was maybe falling in love with her but I think he still really loved Kyung Mi. Pari August 1, at 9: Be responsible and give us a Cruel City 2! Avarachika August 1, at 7: Hong Ki hears the commotion and leaves his office determinedly. Soo comes to see Jin Suk and gives me the first laugh throughout this episode. So there end my cruel city ep 21 as i dreamt it.

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Surely there was a better way of showing Park Sa still alive n healthy continuing to do his job…. When Hyung Min muses he must be another undercover, Hyung Min darts out of the office. To find episodr more, including how to control cookies, see here: