She breaks off, tells them that she cannot continue, and hurries out. I’m getting worried, cuz I sooo want them to end up together which they probably will and they have a lot of cute moments together. From some research I did to the historical, technical, and mental validity of the show cause I’m a sucker for historic epics I’ve come to find out that Il-Woo’s original interpretation of Iljimae was a spectrum apart from what the director had envisioned him to express within the inner workings of dialogue, subtext, created environment, and character relationships. I have two fathers. Seeing this as his only way in, Gu warns his second-in-command to keep his actions a secret; Soo-ryun will watch his back to ensure his safety. And besides, this post is already words long.

Iljimae was adopted by a family who lived in the Qing Kingdom. It’s super past my bedtime but i still have to finish this darn skoolproject ugh , im so exhausted The ending will be clarified, there is no need for guessing. Please visit my website as well and let me know how you feel. He and the former Bongsuni leader have been reduced to hiding in rented rooms to stay out of trouble, and this leaves Wang Hweng-bo restless and bored. If you do not keep your oath, I will come and steal from you again. Jung IL woo did really a great job!


When war broke out, he had joined the military and killed a lot of men on the battlefield. Bae has another request: That night, Wol-hee wakes to find herself in bed alone.

It’s so poignant and well-executed. Keep up the good work!!! Now I’m getting a sense that Episore might not love Wol-hee as much as I thought, or that there is something holding him back. Really amazing and interesting…………. He turns his head as the plum flower petals fall….

Fangirls can swoon now. Yong realizes that his target is the teddybear king. Thanks for the recaps though.

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And that includes you! On one occasion, the group attracts the notice of patrolling guards, so Iljimae squares off against the guards while the people run for safety, and fells the guards easily with his trusty shurikens. OMG, I absolutley love the music. Love him as an actor and a singer.

I didn’t know that K-drama can be so beautiful. Iljimae loves her for his entire life and she loves him back unconditionally.

SINOPSIS Iljimae Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Therefore the second pare of shoes is for…. She breaks off, tells them that she cannot continue, and hurries out. Thanks so much for finishing this wonderful drama! Weewwh,it really was sooo touching. I think if make season 2, it would be hard but if a special episode which talk about what did happen during the gap of 4 years would be great. I think whoever wrote those translations does not understand English at all.


Iljimae is deeply anguished for all the prisoners who cannot pay for their own releases.

The Return of Iljimae 1-24 (Final)

The last 15 minutes was a fairy tale. The emperor wants to meet him.

I swear I am about to finish! He turns around to see Iljimae enter.

And Wol Hee and Iljimae’s playful interactions are always a joy to watch. The ending will be clarified, there is no need for guessing. He draws out his sword and waves it at him.

It sounds corny, but is much better delivered onscreen. February 28, at 8: Iljimae should have passed slnopsis.