Model tracks range from over southeastern Korea to a more northeasterly curve into the Sea of Japan or East Sea. Forces Japan instructions about tropical cyclones are written the way they are for a reason — to protect you and keep you and yours safe. The bad news is, 09W remains in an area of very warm sea-surface temperatures and low vertical wind shear. Do NOT tape windows; these days, windows of both on- and off-base structures are coated to protect from UV rays and are also designed to withstand sustained destructive winds for extended periods. Prapiroon is forecast to move through Korea later than previously forecast, 30 miles east of Kunsan Air Base and Osan Air Base, 80 miles west of Daegu, 28 miles east of Camp Humphreys and 40 miles east of Yongsan Garrison between midnight Monday and 7 a. A high-wind warning is in effect for Sasebo Naval Base from 3 a. Closest point of approach is forecast to be 57 miles west of Kadena at 1 a.

Final decisions on TCCOR rest with base commanders, weather forecasts, safety and operational and mission concerns. Return to normal duties. Finish removing or securing all outside items. It might happen; it might not. An year-old man in Naha was knocked down by wind and injured, while a man in Nishihara doing typhoon prep on his property fell from a ladder and suffered a cut on his right leg. Wednesday, thanks to Typhoon Prapiroon, which continues bearing down on Fleet Activities Sasebo with a wild, rainy Tuesday in the cards.

Iwakuni could get mph sustained winds and mph gusts Tuesday evening.

In Japan’s Okinawa, voters deliver a resounding no to new US military base. If it remains on its present course, Prapiroon should pass 70 miles west of Kadena at noon Sunday, just before peaking at mph sustained winds and mph gusts at center.


Destructive sustained winds of 58 mph or greater are anticipated within 24 hours. Typhoon Prapiroon’s forecast track has lurched a bit east, putting it on course to pass just tcor of Sasebo Naval Base and put U.

Monday and 4 a. As Prapiroon moves northwest of Okinawa, it’s forecast to peak at mph sustained winds and mph gusts and start to move rapidly toward Korea’s southwest coast. As for off base, as of 7 a. This is NOT the time to venture from your quarters; the danger has not passed.

Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness – Stripes

Non-essential services will be closed Tuesday and re-open after the all-clear is directed. Wednesday; that base is shielded by mountains the north. Sasebo appears well within Prapiroon’s knot wind band. Forecast models are in general agreement on Prapiroon moving northwest, but how quickly is still open to question. If it remains on its present course, Prapiroon is forecast to pass 80 miles west of Kadena at 11 p. Most ferry services were suspended in Nagasaki Prefecture and about 70 flights serving Nagasaki Airport were canceled.

Forecast models agree on a track just west of Okinawa. Sustained winds of 58 mph or greater are occurring on Sasebo Naval Base. Friday, June 29, Japan time: That means sustained winds between 40 and 57 mph are occurring on station. Sunday — Peak mph sustained winds, mph gusts: They should be just outside Prapiroon’s knot wind band, while Sasebo should be on its edges.

Typhoon 09W (Prapiroon), #40 FINAL: All clear at Sasebo – Pacific – Stripes

Closest point of approach is forecast to be 57 miles west of Kadena at 1 a. Prepare to ride out Typhoon Prapiroon until the all-clear is sounded. JTWC projects Prapiroon to pass 85 miles northwest of Sasebo, 15 miles southeast of Pusan and 37 miles southeast of Chinhae between 10 a.


Overall levels are up. Here’s what we do know at this point, knowing it all can change as we move along: Noon Tuesday, July 3, Japan time: Remove or secure all outside items. Prapiroon is due to intensify into a Category 1-equivalent typhoon about 18 hours after passing Kadena, peaking at mph sustained winds and mph gusts. One nice thing about all this rain: Do you need bottled water, non-perishable foods, a portable radio, extra batteries, pet food for your furry friends, diapers for the little ones?

Once storms form and begin their track toward land masses such as Okinawa, the 18th Wing Weather Flight keeps close watch on them, recommending accelerated TCCORs when they feel appropriate to the 18th Wing commanding officer, who speaks in one voice for the island when he actually issues the accelerated TCCORs.

Typhoon season primer, Part I: What do those TCCORs mean?

It’s due to pass 39 miles southeast of Pusan and 63 miles southeasat of Chinhae Naval Base between 9 and 10 p. Current local forecast http: Noon Sunday Peak mph sustained winds, mph gusts at Kadena, mph sustained winds elsewhere: Destructive winds of watcj mph or greater are possible within 48 hours.

Monday evening — Southeasterly, to mph sustained winds, mph gusts. Stay indoors until the all-clear is sounded.

Even local public transportation was affected. If it remains on course, Prapiroon is due to pass 71 miles west of Kadena at 10 p.