Views Read Edit View history. Remember all the love we, your little kittens, have for you! XD Thanks for this!!! Though I think there will be people who will have a difficult year end, please try hard to be positive and enjoy whatever the matter may be! Jealous…I want to go out with Tesshi too x. Nagano Hiroshi [V6] Matsushima-chan asked for a date!!

I love fishing for bass fish, what do you like? Vocals , Piano , Guitar. Tegoshi quickly gained popularity with his singing and is considered by many fans to be NEWS’ best singer. It was Kitayama laughs ‘ LoL!! Do as you please, Mukai!! You know, the 2nd-lead-character-that-is-always-nice-and-know-everything-but-loses-the-girl-to-the-lead-actor type. Domoto Koichi [KinKi Kids]

Do as you please, Mukai!! They should have let Sousuke died!

Super fan of the manga!! This day, a lot pf people have come to take the entrance test, they were given a crime scene photo taken by the victim and also a crime scene photo taken by the police, their job is to find out the criminal within the next few minutes and then follow the one yyua suspect. Kikuchi Dramz [Sexy Zone] I hate Suzuki Anne!! Osaka, Japan Sun Sign: Tegoshi Yuya debuted in as a voice actor for the Japanese release of the American animated film Happy Feet as the voice of Mumble.

Formed on 15 Sep with 9 members to support the national volleyball women team.

I really cried a lot since episode Definitely going to watch this! I hope my Ryo can have a srama role soon too! Even now, I love motorcycles. Did I make you hungry?

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LOL xD Thank you for translating! When do you wanna go out? Tegoshi is a great vocalist but he can also play guitar and he does it sometimes at concerts. You got the wrong person lol XD. Kotaki-kun’s question is quite epic, heart racing when Yama-chan called him with his first name XD and Dai-chan is such a tease, what’s with that questions?! Tegoshi’s Birthday Celebration Post!! Views Read Edit View history. Then I think of music shows, dramas, variety tv shows, wanting a lot of different kinds of roles, an occupation where you transform.


Tegoshi was born and grew up on the outskirts of Yokohama. I’m Gisselle or other wise known as Kodochalover: But, I want to try going with you!

Onizuka Ekichi, 22 years old, single.

I wonder what we should buy when we go shopping. I heard that you text messaged with Yuyw Tomohisa a lot, but, what kind of person is Yamashita generally like? A while ago you told me that you wanted me to take you out somewhere but you never contacted me. Very nice history drama of Aizu and their samurai spirit. Epi 2 had Koyama Keiichiro acts as Tsunami Kota, a rookie cop. They dramw it onto the Best Artist show!

The only disappointment in the cast is Narimiya Hiroki who acts as Morita Shinobu. I wanna watch it!! Narumi Riko acts as Hanamoto Hagumi, a very shy and short year-old girl from the countryside who is very good at painting.

Yuya Tegoshi

Kame and Yuya and Uchi must be used to dance and stuff but I cannot imagine Aya and Shuntaro ballet and these kind of dancing is different, I supposed? Since a lot of people asked me for URLs to -insert Johnny’s boy’s name here-‘s “blog”, I shall answer all such questions here. Kurosaki owns a small building of small apartments for rent quite out of the way of the city, one day, a new tenant arrived, she is called Yoshikawa Tsurara [Horikita Maki], a university student studying law, trying to be a public prosecutor.


Did you go fishing? Ikuta Toma acts as Nakatsu Shuuichi, the sporty and crazy friend of Sano. Coz Kamenashi Kazuya is the Kindaichi this time round.

Archived from the original on July 15, Retrieved from ” https: Yoshizawa Shizuya Travis Japan Q: That, was not in the manga. Many were asking Yama-chan for dates From my point of view, you look like a polite, good young man, but, usually how are you? But my sisters do. And also, he has no friends at all, nobody listens to what he says.

Member AiWhy people like him Name: She has a crush on her senior [Matsuyama Kenichi acts as Kawamoto Yuji] in basketball club since junior high school and when she passed the entrance test to go into the same 2031 school as him, she was super happy.

And in love with this woman is a weak guy called Ogura Tomohiko [Yamazaki Shigenori] who works in the airlines as well.