To whoever provided the DDL links, thank you! Rented Toyota Corolla vs. Especially for challenges, I miss it when they do challenges like this. Fair enough, much appreciated Truly unbelievable good noise. It seems to get better as the season continues.

During the Spain Supercar trip Jeremy mentioned how nothing could ever go wrong when Richard Hammond wants to go very fast in a straight line. That SLS electric was amazing, but it felt so wrong seeing a car like that and not hearing a big engine roaring. If it was an actor, the SLR camera on his shoulder was a nice touch. Season 7, Episode 5. Season 5, Episode 5. Just alternate them every day so you always have a charged battery. I’m assuming that a standard outlet.

D sounds like more power. And then the shot of James with total hopelesness in his eyes To be fair, that “van” is no longer really a van. Usually in relatively good mannered fun.

Seven F1 rivalries to grar excited about in Rescue Hammond from a Canadian mountain. It is just the shell of a van, on top of a hovercraft platform. I am surprised he wasnt the fastest.

Top Gear 22×06 – 1 March 2015

Season 8, Episode 3. Today, the streams are all stuck on buffering and whatnot, but my Southhampton VPN server is beefy enough to handle iplayer.


Season 12, Episode 3. As a final update for the night, I’ll reiterate the above point. The noise that thing had, oh my word. What do you think?

Top Gear 22×06 – 1 March – Dailymotion Video

Health and Safety laws in the UK are very strict. One of the best episodes in the past few seasons, I think.

After a bumpy start, the presenters demonstrate the brilliance of their creation with an eventful journey down the River Avon. Top Gear is coming to a town near you!

Was this part staged? Ferrari Scaglietti vs.

I think this sums up the whole hovervan experiment. During the Spain Supercar trip Jeremy mentioned how nothing could ever go wrong when Richard Hammond wants to go very fast in a straight line. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

They now have the right to beat him to death, and he cant shoot them even though its self defense, because that would make him a massive racist. It epissode be trivial to replace that while at home, not to mention it weighs about half a ton. Season 11, Episode 6.


Top Gear Season 22 Episode 05 HD

So you can watch the whole thing that way too for up to an hour after it finishes airing. Season 8, Episode 5. Season 10, Episode epislde. Episode Guide and Description. The battery in an EV is its equivalent of a gas tank, it’s not like the battery in a gasoline engine that you can just pop the hood, disconnect and swap out on a whim.

First to PM me. E-Types, Alice and Amy: Jeep Wrangler vs Mercedes G-Class. Season 11, Episode 5. Holy cow linear torque batman. View comments This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use.

Lost the first 5 minutes of the show due to that, but at least i can watch the rest lol.