And the queen would not have gotten pregnant you know what I mean. Park, please remain the sweet guy that I have found out you to be. Even though for several their parts are small, still I will treasure this drama because of them. When Mu-hyul apprises Sejong of these secret meetings behind his back, he goes into a frenzy. Thus I am not stressed out by any one character here, making me appreciate more the unfolding of the story. Watch online with Chinese subtitle at tudou. If you love people, and if you also like anything Japanese, then this film is a treasure.

They are so insightful! Neither Chae-yoon or So-yi heard Sejong and his entourage arrive, but Sejong has heard their conversation. With that event this drama has become more valuable to me. I know who “HE” is! A serial murder involving Jiphyeonjeon scholars occurred during the reign of King Sejong in the Gyeongbok Palace 7 days before the issuing of the Korean written language. Revenge, according to Chae-yoon, is what fixed his miserable situation.

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I wonder if neo-Confucianism is still used as a deterrent when changes are proposed. And the actor gave a thrilling performance. What matters is that it talks about humanity and is a champion of compassion, openness, and hope.

And of course, there rotos the saying about the fine line between genius and insanity. Revenge, according to Chae-yoon, is what fixed his miserable situation.

Please enter your username episoce email address. Ah, Damoyou broke my heart, then you restored it, then broke it again, then offered to mend it. I wonder how Chae-yoon would react to know that he helped to shape the very kind of man and ruler that Sejong is now. What is the over-all mood?


Pyung does, however, end up dropping the cloth-covered package. I know who “HE” is!

Haven’t seen Jang Hyuk in a drama for ages. Protect the Boss Followed By: The struggles and the triumphs of the 4 main characters for me they were Yoon, Ohk, Sung Baek, and Soo Myung was awesome.

I said to myself, wow, a king who makes an impossible dream come true together with friends who in turn love him not as a king but as a person, not the least his son the prince.

It reminds me of woodblock prints, seemingly monotonous but is actually rich and detailed if only one looks close enough. However, episoee was already something similar to this in one of the episodes. The fast action-music is super! Goodness, can a dead body just be in the proper hands for once?

I still feel strongly against babies crying for no reason, but at the same time I understand the situation. I was enjoying the scene immensely for what it was, but when the young Sejong grabbed the elder’s collar and mocked him, a part of me was thinking, “What must be going through SJK’s mind right now?

Watch online Tree With Deep Roots – Episode 12 (EngSub) – Korea Drama |

The note is written in hanja, and reads: Their body language speak volumes and the music Song of the Windespecially in Episode 4 when they were doing that mural, is smack on the roohs.

I have to write it dewp capitals: More deaths mean greater destabilization of Sejong’s foundation. Chae-yoon can now choose between saving his friend, or leaving him to chase Pyung. He gives the teamwork proposition to Sam-moon with a burned piece of paper, giving the scholar three reasons why they should work together: May the good influence of Damo live long!


If only he knew that words he said to her so long ago still haunt her dreams today.

Kudos drama for stepping out of the comfort zone! I wish you the best, always! Points to whoever called Official Lee Shin-juk as a member of Hidden Root haha, just kidding — about anyone actually calling it.

My topmost favorite is the slave Eop Bok. It doesn’t hurt to learn to make a point, that one loves this show, without unnecessarily stepping on a show that other people clearly dearly love.


Would it be too much to hope that Solhi finds the right path somehow? How amazing are the relationships in this drama? Pin Sith on Pinterest. Please stay episodf and thank you very much. If Mu-hyul was upset about Chae-yoon before, he is positively going to have an aneurism over this. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Or perhaps you do The King, the scholars, and even all the court ladies are waiting with bated breath, but Sejong has his finest of poker faces on. Hidden Root is here.