The person who takes this position? The art is very nice and the storyline is different. The ending was fanatistically satisfying which i find quite rare these days. I loved both of these stories. She wants him to man up and sends him on a mysterious mission to a small town to watch the final movie being shown before the local cinema closes forever. Newer Post Older Post Home. But he could still have done a much better job in some other roles. The setting is mainly situated at the family’s theatre, Merry’s bar or by the ocean.

This is great and all but I felt it was a little awkward for a guy to fall in love with someone he saw grow up like a little sister. Utahime is definitely worth watching. Thomas realizes that the poster is the work of the royal knights, and therefore this girl must be of royal blood. The whole drama focuses on the movie that Akira is watching. This drama’s story was engaging right from the start, although they made the ending just a bit too obvious from the very first episode. There’s no way around it – it rarely gets better than this! Meanwhile, the local yakuza Japanese mobsters are trying to muscle in on the town. Nagase Tomoya did very well in this drama.

Utahime Information, Utahime Reviews, Synonyms: There’s another example of his new hairdo in the gif below perving on Drwma legs They live with their mother, who is the village songstress, and some day Maria will be songstress.

Sabaco is conniving and money obsessed and the whole town is scared of her. How does he know Elvis? Goodreads helps you dra,a track of books you want to read. Stream free online Utahime Episodes 1 Share this video: Great acting and cast. The only problem I have it is that the characters around Nagase get really annoying, some more than others.

Yumekaze rated it really liked it Apr 20, I prefered that it was one-sided, like in the beginning, like she revisw had a childhood crush rather than him receprocating her feelings.


This one definitely is his best.

Utahime: The Songstress

Nagase Tomoya and Aibu Saki were perfect, and the supporting cast very good as well – Chemistry between the lead actors and characters – An intelligent romantic plot, with a little bit of realism – Light-hearted moments, particularly with the supporting cast – A good development of the story, with surprises and twists Utahime has all of that, and it’s well executed.

It is hard to watch something you love destroy itself, to see it fall apart. Watch Utahime online English subtitle full episodes. I’m honest that it does drag at first, but it eventually turns out okay. I laughed at this short scene in episode Someone elses struggle in some far away place. TempestRider this is a love story with a sad but somehow, happy ending.

The acting was sometimes a little over the top and I wasn’t very happy with Sato Ryuta role. Although his past remains a mystery, Taro becomes good friends with many of the villagers, discovering his reviiew for movies and falling in love with a feisty young girl.

This is a story that moves through two time periods — something that normally bugs me.

I couldn’t help but rooting for BOTH Suzu and Miwako, but in the end, Taro can only be with one, and I’m glad he chose whom he chose in the end, though it was bittersweet. His other dramas don’t do him justice.

[REVIEW] Utahime – you’re my shooting star ☆╮

Oct 11, Julie Hayes rated it really liked it. Chinge 11 episodes, Comments by marspeach [Rating: I would have liked more time to have been spent on the gender switch in the roles. Why do I never find a hot utahims with memory loss?

Comments by EstherM [Rating: Mary rated it liked it May 23, Once again, Nagase portrays a rather outrageous character, and does it well.


Which is why when Suzu and her family started to get defensive around Miwako, though indirectly, I just became more frustrated. And I certainly applaud all the actors for learning how to speak in that odd Tosa dialect. In a class of its own [Rating: It’s about a young soldier who is found washed ashore by the Kishida family, and consequently has lost his memory in the process.

There have been no recommendations submitted. But I’m more fond of Utahime, nevertheless. Through Taro, he begins to have an interest for film and movies. Most of the book then spends time with Maria, Thomas and Kain as youngsters. Suzu’s parents to Taro “can you watch over her temporarily forever” LOL. No trivia or quizzes yet. Not Yet Rated Watchers: All pages – just need to scroll. Comments by asako77 [Rating: Beats the generic Galileo hands down with it’s atmosphere. Sato Ryuta Croissant no Matsu.

Be the first and add one. Use the HTML below. Anyway, I liked how the drama dealt with the town’s feelings about the situation and it just shows how selfish people can be. Meanwhile, the local yakuza Japanese mobsters are trying to muscle in on the town.

The drama on the whole is somewhat different from a lot of typical romance dramas out utahimme, and for that, it’s really enough to catch my interest. It’s an alright drama.

Was this review helpful to you? Tomoya Nagase is a wonderful actor. Like most Japanese drama, there is a whole supporting cast of wacky characters. Was there greater magic at play?