Alice 1 episode, Meanwhile, Elena reevaluates her life as a vampire when she learns Jo is pregnant; Enzo opens up about his tragic past; and Tyler and Matt land in a dangerous situation due to a twisted round of karaoke. Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to increase her powers by harnessing the energy of former witches who were sacrificed, and Katherine steals the moonstone that is the key to the vampire-werewolf curse. Restaurant Patron uncredited 1 episode, Abby Bennett Wilson 7 episodes, Meanwhile, Caroline’s plan to cure her mother takes a devastating turn; and Damon’s risky plan sends things spiraling out of control just before the merge. Meanwhile, a stranger shows up in Mystic Falls searching for Mason; Elijah confronts Elena in her house and offers to make her a deal; and Bonnie and Luca work together on a magic spell with the moonstone.

Aja 2 episodes, Carol Lockwood 34 episodes, Krystal’s Friend uncredited 2 episodes, Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Based on the young-adult book series by L. Stefan and Caroline wreak havoc at Whitmore when their humanity is turned off. Elena becomes determined to celebrate Bonnie’s birthday and tries to send her a message, but the situation turns dire when she makes an unsettling discovery. Silas uncredited 3 episodes,


A Virginia high-school student falls for a new boy in class who is actually a centuries-old vampire struggling to live peacefully among humans.

Young Luke 1 episode, College Student uncredited 1 episode, Businesswoman Traveler 1 episode, Stefan tries to intervene and sets off a dangerous chain of events. Mourner uncredited 1 episode, Meanwhile, Damon tries to resolve his conflict with Mason, and Tyler attempts to get Mason to tell him the truth about the Lockwoods’ dark past. Bloody Townsperson uncredited 1 episode, Vanessa Monroe 1 episode, Island Girl 1 episode, Season 6, Episode 5 October 30, Officer Baker 1 episode, Meanwhile, Enzo enlists Matt’s help to interfere in the life of Stefan’s great-niece; Stefan keeps a close watch on Caroline when she unconventionally attempts to cope with everything going on around her; and Jeremy contemplates leaving Mystic Falls for good.

Parent Family Member uncredited 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 3 September 23, Teacher uncredited 1 episode, Meanwhile, Caroline’s plan for Stefan backfires; Enzo and Alaric’s attempt to reel Caroline back in doesn’t go as planned; and Bonnie’s unexpected gift shakes up Damon. Sorority Girl 1 episode, Weather Woman 1 episode, Nurse 1 episode, Galen Vaughn 5 episodes, Council Member 1 episode, Trish uncredited 1 episode, Seaxon 2, Episode 10 December 2, Scabbed Woman 1 episode, Camera Phone Graduate uncredited 1 episode, Pageant Judge uncredited 1 episode, Businessman Traveler 1 episode, Sheila ‘Grams’ Bennett 15 episodes, Damon relives a horrible day in order to find his way home.


Truck Driver 1 episode, Rayna Cruz 9 episodes, Deputy 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 22 May 12, Deputy uncredited 2 episodes, Caterer 1 episode, Other Parent 1 episode, Bridal Clerk 1 episode, Penny Ares 5 episodes,