Following Egypt’s presidential election Okasha claimed that the United States government and Egypt’s ruling military council had rigged the election in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi as part of a plot to seize Egyptian oil fields and turn them over to Israel, and that the true winner of the election was Ahmed Shafik , a former general who was Hosni Mubarak ‘s last prime minister. Views Read Edit View history. Egypt’s Constituent Assembly spokesman criticises articles on press freedoms. Okasha himself faces charges of incitement to kill and topple the state following statements he made about President Mohamed Morsy on air. Mohamed, Yes knows the United States. That said, the control one watched the same thing, but now there maintained by the state over satellite televi- are hundreds of channels and everyone can sion ofers some lexibility to the pundits on choose what to watch.

Egypt announces high alert to confront desert locusts 1 week ago. Retrieved 22 October Nabaruh , Dakahlia Governorate , Egypt. Four Egyptian students arrested for mocking Christians in video 2 weeks ago. In good also because it did so in a vulgarly sexist and anthropological conscience, I have to say nationalist way. Tuesday, 26 February Okasha in the shade for up to 10 years and all his life saving.

Broadcaster’s conviction another blow to freedom of expression”. It was the usual Okasha performance — secular, nationalist, folksy populism and personal anecdotes combined in a slow-burn rant about the Brotherhood, which he described as al-taraf al-talet, the mysterious and malevolent third party of lore that is said to have been whipping up chaos in Egypt since the revolution.


In fact, very little separates Okasha the TV persona and Okasha the man.

Television Satelllite Channels

We are with you. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This still conined to narrow, controlled channels. I dit performs a distinctive persona. The topics covered by television pun- dits such as el-Husseiny surfaced regularly in Secular Preachers our conversations. Four Egyptian students arrested for watxh Christians in video 2 weeks ago. Mohamed, Yes knows the United States.

Yes he knows the US and her laws. Okasha remained free while appealing the sentence.

When being asked a taraeen, he freezes, cigarette in mouth, until his brain processes the information, his eyes darting around like a jackpot on a fruit machine. This kind distance shot of a pundit sitting behind a Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at Egyptian television personalities Living people births.

He is still not fully prodecuted. An Okasha lexicon has emerged from his ruminations on Masonic-Israeli plots, his archenemy the Brotherhood and his hero, former President Anwar Sadat.

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Egypt authorities takes Faraeen satellite TV channel off air. President of Egypt is an elected official, it is not Coptic election of a comedian. Egypt authorities silence conservative TV host Okasha, for now. In good also because it did so in a vulgarly sexist and anthropological conscience, I have to say nationalist way.


Archived from the original raraeen 22 October For example, anchors sociation with a personal history, as opposed Reem Maged and Yosri Fouda were pushed to an identiiable ideology. Tuesday, 26 February What dictatorship, now you are not insulting him, You are insulting all the people that elected him. And he also knows the laws of the US.

He works at a desk ances in the discourse of television pundits surrounded by numerous television screens, since the revolution.

Okasha in the shade for up to 10 years and all his life saving. Morsi and Qandil lived several years in USA and should understand that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the legal actions ran counter to the spirit of last year’s revolution, in which Egyptians took to the streets and toppled strongman Hosni Mubarak.

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How can I be a moderate president with a beard? Temple of Esna western wall collapses due to water leak 2 weeks ago.

To prepare for Al-Faraeen, Okasha returned fararen his childhood hobby of hobnobbing with the lower classes. History has shown that Islamic dictatorships are very difficult to remove!