If you are a Mahoromatic fan, you can watch all the. A television special, “Mahoromatic: Mahoromatic 2 episode list. A Tale of Memories. Having trouble reading this image? Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids.

Tadaima Okaeri Anime. Suguru left Japan, deciding never to return, and is now a renegade half-cyborg hunter of the last “Management holdouts. They also recently acquired the Mahoromatic: In the second series, he decides to live as a human and continues to teach at Suguru’s school much to the irritation to Slash. The Summer Special is the only special to be aired in the U. Mahoromatic 2 Information, Mahoromatic 2 Reviews, Synonyms:. Mahoromatic S2 episode 7 English Sub..

You are currently signed in as nobody. Free and No Registration required for Mahoromatic 1 v Watch Mahoromatic S2 episode 1. Shown after Episode Name is required to post a comment. Mahoro is Vesper’s most powerful android but she does not have much operating time. Retrieved from ” https: Project Arms S2 Episode We have provided you with all of the Mahoromatic vidoes.

When Mephlis’s plans failed, Feldrance made his move and killed the scientist before taking the data as his creator’s lab explodes; he felt no remorse for betraying his creator, coldly pointing out that it was Mephlis, after all, who made Feldrance the way he is. In the second series, he decides to live as a human and continues to teach at Suguru’s school much to the irritation to Slash.


Music CDs, including dramas were released in Japan. Mahoromatic – Automatic Maiden Mahoromatic Animelyrics. They are dedicated to destroying not only Saint, to preserve the order they established from alien influence, but Vesper as well, for having sympathy for Saint. Watch Mahoromatic episode 7. Email address will not be displayed with the comment. Mahoromatic Cover of the first manga volume of Watdh.

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The ending is set on Earth, 20 years after Mahoro’s death and the defeat of Management. If you are a Mahoromatic fan, you can watch all the.

Gaina Khara Gonzo Trigger. Watch episode Mahoromatic Season 2 online in english dubbed-subbed for free at Watchdub.

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Mahoromatic: A PlayStation 2 game by Konami of the same name was also produced for the series. The manga proved popular, and was adapted into two anime series jointly by Gainax and Shaft: This series ran aatch September 26, till January 16, You can also read manga online try the Mahoromatic manga!

A television special, “Mahoromatic: Mahoromatic 2 episode list. With his last breath, he asks whether the quest of vengeance gave him satisfaction.


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Misato Suguru is a high school student who lives on his own, alone in a large house willed to him by his deceased. The second series also followed the manga, culminating in the story’s end. Mahoromatic episode 7 English Sub.

Watch Mahoromatic 1 Mahoromatic episode 1 English Sub. Watch Mahoromatic S2 4 English Subbed. Mahoromatic episode 5 English Sub.

File; File history; File usage. An android military robot with a limited lifespan is. Released after the second season, this episode takes place during the second season and revolves around the issue of Suguru’s ecchi no hon dirty books.

Watch Mahoromatic S2 episode 7. I’m Home special, with the English dub to be produced at Bang Zoom! I’m Home Anime Special Apr 4, In the manga version, he chops Suguru’s hands while capturing Mahoro but soon stopped by Slash and Ryuuga.