When we start the drama, Tae Sik is continually going on blind dates, looking for The One, and is exceedingly picky despite his own less-than-glorious position. Notify me of new posts via email. BetsyHp April 16, at 7: All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Ja Eun is all focused business, though, and tells him to sit still. Two Weeks looks like it will also capitalize on his more macho side, and will likely draw on his fight skills at least a little. As the mother of the boys, Park Bok Ja is the engine behind the entire family. I was highly amused when the Workplace Romance evolved into the Contract Marriage Romance upon their drunken one night encounter.

But I guess just not the right guy for her. The chemistry that these two share is clear as day, with them matching each other jibe for jibe and wit for wit. I will probably eventually check it out just to get a Joo Won fix, especially now that he’s taking some time to do Ghost.. I really wanted to strangle the writer. There is a sprinkling of cute, if memory serves. So I was really happy to discover that she can be effectively cute and likable too!

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Description The story of a family with four sons who live together with their relatives on a farm near Seoul. Every time, it hurt like this, but no one listened to me. He serenades her on the guitar, then approaches her hesitantly.

I was like that dude? Yes, Ryu Soo Young our 2nd Ojakgyo brother will be playing a detective trying to hunt down our hero to put him behind bars. Lee Jun Ki is the lead, and he is an excellent actor. Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 4.


Both excellent actors, btw. Throughout the two weeks of marathoning it, the characters felt like good friends around me and I felt lonely without them. Especially how much love mom gave to maknae. Yeo Eul is not only a fair bit older than Tae Pil, she is also technically his aunt, related by marriage. I loved it, and in some ways, I like it even more than OB. Yes, plastic surgery is known to be very popular in Korea. The large cast of characters set in a multi-generational family is a given in any family drama.

Tae Pil is practically a full-time Casanova, with a long list of tricks up his sleeve, all honed with frequent and extended practice.

The fact that Bok Ja loved the farm like her own offspring made it easier to comprehend her decision to protect brotherw by stealing the contract from Ja Eun and kicking her off the premises. Last but not least — no apologies for a long comment, coz those my favorite kind!

So many feels, so many tingles. I hope you enjoy it! The two spark off each other like flint and steel, and one of their arguments even escalates into an actual fight. Tae Hee was my favorite of the four brothers for most of the show, though there were later stretches where it was a close fight between him okakgyo Tae Beom. I say i dont like him like him but i like Ojakgyo the series haha LOL… Yes, u should try afterwards it finishes airing then if its a sad ending n that puts u off, u have a choice of NOT watching it all together.

Amid the cuteness of this couple, there are various low-key moments where Tae Hee and Ja Eun wagch their thoughts, and the entire thing is brothesr very low-key yet very sweet.

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Notify me of new comments via email. The love that you hyungs and Tae Pil got from our parents, for me it is a grateful debt that I would pay. I have 20 episodes left of OB. But my korean colleagues happened to talk about their series one day and I found out i was totally wrong.

Then as he matures and settles into a more responsible frame of mind, his hair settles too. I loved him in Arang and the Magistrate, definitely very manly there! I love, too, that we get to see the brothers interact with one another in mixed pairs and trios, and episofe a complete foursome.

It made the kjakgyo between characters feel very real, relatable, and accessible. I can understand actors getting some small fixes since their looks play a big part in their careers, but I find too much plastic surgery rather disconcerting.

From being antagonistic enemies on opposite sides of the fence, these two come to appreciate, care for and love each other in the most endearing way.

This really is an awesome review. Sometimes spisode drumming takes the form of a brotherly pep talk, and sometimes that drumming becomes literal, with flying fists and bleeding lips. I like it due to the fact it ojjakgyo some nice action scenes in there. Until they leave the convenience store, both grumpily rubbing their smarting foreheads.

Sounds like it’s good? Most of the time, I was flailing over his portrayal as Tae-beom and also his romance with Soo-young Choi Jung-yoon.