Nancy, Andy and Silas hit the road; Shane gets in trouble at the impound lot; and Doug bags his charity for a shot at a more lucrative score. Retrieved September 19, No Man is Pudding. In the end, the main characters are huddled together, pondering and reflecting, while enjoying the product that has often caused them so much turmoil and yet made them closer and more appreciative of the unique bond they share. Into The Blue 3. Shane leaves a note for Nancy that he is searching for the shooter.

Season 1, Episode 3: Weeds TV series American television seasons. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Season 6, Episode Season 1, Episode The Best Jokes of the Oscars 7.

La La Land 6.

Season 7, Episode Megan acts coldly towards Nancy as she resents her for destroying Silas’ childhood. Season 1, Episode 7: Nancy undertakes a job search; Jill has big news for Andy obline Doug; and Silas tries to track down his stolen plants.

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Silas makes a new friend then Shane invites his new girl friend Angela who is also in Shane’s police academy to dinner while Andy and Jill are involved in a fight.

Season 8, Episode 13 September 16, Retrieved August 14, Silas and Megan are married and have a baby daughter. Nancy begins working as a representative at a pharmaceutical company which legally produces medical marijuana for people diagnosed with cancer undergoing radiation therapy.


The Complete Collection’ special features first look clip: The Best Jokes of the Oscars 7. Silas, meanwhile, is troubled by the thought of his product becoming a pill. Wees tells Jill how he feels about her; and Doug is tempted by an investment opportunity. Teaming up, Nancy and Jill con the former’s company by faking a break-in of her company car, allowing them to sell the medicine at university parties.

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Retrieved September 16, The Curse of Oak Island 2. Into The Blue 3. Season 8, Episode 6: In New York, Shane and Ohline find themselves in a compromising situation.

Season 4, Episode 8: Red in Tooth and Claw. Season 8, Episode 14 December 31, Season 4, Episode 5: Meanwhile, Shane fabricates an ingenious plan to score some extra spending money at the police academy. Season 8, Episode 12 September 16, Moreover, Nancy begins working at a marketing company that sells a marijuana-based compound for cancer victims undergoing radiation therapy. The Love Circle Overlap. S8d7 Judy Can Judge. Season 7, Episode 9: Nancy decides to give up the weed business and calls the CEO of the company, agreeing to sell it to Starbucks.


After receiving an interesting proposal from an unexpected source, Warch struggles with a decision involving a questionable business.

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Nancy and Silas assume that Shane plans to kill Tim and rush to stop him. Season 6, Episode 8: Season 1, Episode 1: Season 7, Episode 4: Despite the demands of her marijuana business, Nancy decides to throw a family dinner, to which Shane invites his classmate Angela.

After comparing lists of suspects for the shooting, Shane reveals to Silas that he is training to be a police officer instead of going to college. Meanwhile, Shane and Angela have an awkward double date with Ouellette and his wife.

A Star Is Born 4.

Andy and Jill have a falling out after the latter reveals that she is not pregnant, but rather, is going through menopause and hid this fact for several weeks.