The two go home happily. Although it was a bit draggy towards the end, it was nevertheless a good series as I never watched a series with a similar background story before. Noon and kade was together since young time… im not surprise that they grew apart. This site uses cookies. This page was last edited on 15 August , at And he finally says he loves her for the first time. They were a cute couple, too BAD Noon husband looks weird. Luck finally tells Gluay he is sorry for all he has done to her, asking her for forgiveness.

Luck promises Gluay that as soon as Peemarn agrees to marry Natta, she is free to go. They meet and Natta forgives him for all his lies and they officially become a couple. Jenjira also accidentally pushes Gluay down the stairs. To be honest, that is pretty much life… thank you for a very great updates and a point of view in both side! Gluay clearly states that she is just like the performer, performing to earn money. What happened over the years? After Luck finds out that Gluay is pregnant with his child, he is sorry for all that he has done and wants to make it up to her and win her heart back.

Fans upset, netizens got curious, and drama drama drama.

Woranuch Wongsawan (Noon)

Luck goes to find Gluay and wongsadan her some money to tell her to stay away from his half-brother. This site uses cookies. Wohgsawan Luck and Peemarn brings police over to catch her. Retrieved from ” https: Luck does not say anything to persuade Gluay to stay. She leaves, although both know that the other has left an important mark in their lives. When Gluay is about to leave Luck, Luck brings back a young girl, Margie Charlottewho Luck claims to be his daughter with another woman while he was studying overseas.


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He is chased after by the loan shark. When Margie is diagnosed with a fatal disease, Luck begs Gluay to come back to take care of Margie during her last days. The marriage ceremony goes well, except just with a different wofanuch from the original groom.

And he finally says he loves her for the first time. Peemarn tells Luck about Janejira and while she is filming a music video, wwongsawan immediately gets scared when reporters come to the scene. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This shocks Luck as all the women he had known in the past was after his money.

Peemarn goes as far as to telling his mom about this girl who he wants to marry. Please help by adding additional, reliable sources for verification.

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He always tries to find evidence to show that Luck and Gluay are in a fake marriage. Margie, who previously disliked Wojgsawan, thinking she was stealing her father away, gradually starts to call Gluay mother.

Flipping through channels, I found the airing of Ka Khong Khoon. Jed calls Luck to come out and he leaves the two. Nune also co-hosts the show Thi Ni Mo Chit. It brings back memories. However, Luck and Janejira have remained quite close through the years. November 19, at Wongsasan biography of a living person needs additional citations for verificationas it includes attribution to IMDb.


Some years after their breakup, Kade started seeing Woraanuch and they got serious.

She made her feature film debut in the Thai Choem Thai: Noon finally had enough of his cheating and deserved better. This drma my first series and I really liked it! Janejira wanted Joy to help her, but at the end, Joy backs out, fearing the consequences if caught.

At another dinner, with just Gluay and Luck, they watch as a traditional Thai dancer perform. This article about an Asian actor or actress is a stub. Luck and Gluay face misunderstandings one after another. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

He is severely confused. Peemarn explains to his mother later that he is sorry for disappointing her.

But, at this point, Gluay had already promised Jed that she would marry him.